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We've Officially Begun!
So, our school year has officially begun! We are back to school in our house! Even though we did school during the summer months, it was very relaxed and there was no set time schedule. Now, however, that is another story. No more late sleepy mornings for us {well, sort of}.
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My Daughter's Memory Problem

Choosing to educate my children at home is a radical, out-of-the-box, and arguably strange decision to some people. It’s a decision I made with more than a little fear and trepidation. I thought about it, prayed about it, fought it, denied it, avoided it, put it off, researched it, defended it and for whatever reason, finally gave in to the fact that my children didn't fit in a normal school setting.

Homeschooling my children has been relatively smooth. I began last year when I realized my daughter was struggling in school and not getting the individual attention she needed. She and private Christian school did not fit well together. At home, she and I worked well together last year and I got her back on track academically. This year, my son decided he wanted to homeschool as well. I had planned on sending my little one to Kindergarten but her school closed two weeks before school started. Thus, I am homeschooling three children this school year.

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Learning To Read By The Book
This little one of mine is beginning to read. I'm happy to say that I taught her. I didn't want to home school this one this year. I wanted her to go to Kindergarten, but her school closed a couple of weeks prior to school starting in August. The Lord was telling me something for sure. I am home schooling her and she is a fabulous student for me. She works so hard. In August she didn't even know the entire alphabet. Now, she is reading. Reading! I taught her to read. I didn't think I would be able to (not enough confidence being a new home school mom and all), but reading she is. She loves to read. She is so proud of herself. Another task that has happened along this reading path is writing. I get the most delicious little notes from my little baby now. They are adorable! I am keeping them in a folder and saving them for a rainy day. I know I will be crying over them in 10 years.
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Back To School

Hosted at I Faces ~ Back To School

Back to School this school year means something entirely different to this little girl. We found out two weeks before school was to begin that her private Christian school was closing {due to low enrollment}. It made me so sad to think of the great teachers who were now out of a job and the fabulous director who did everything she could to keep the doors open. I was misty eyed thinking of all the times I came to pick my little one up from school over the past two years and how happy she was there.

When I told my wee one her school was closing and she would not be attending Kindergarten there, she was heartbroken and literally starting sobbing and I could barely consol her. In the end I was able to comfort her in the fact she would now be homeschooling with momma and her sister and brother.

She was very excited for this next phase of school, even though I was secretly very apprehensive that I would be able to teach three children at three different grade levels. She was very scared when I told her she would be attending homeschool coop like her siblings, but quickly brightened up once her sister told her how much fun she would have there with the Art instructor {she is spectacular!}.

After three full weeks of homechooling my little Kindergartner, I have to say she is such a hard working student and so very eager to learn. She happily and greedily completes all her work and tasks and firmly states "I'm done, I'm ready for my next paper Momma."

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School Started & I Died

I feel like I have been away on vacation, but I haven't been. School started a couple of weeks ago and we are all transitioning from summer schedules to school schedules with three different co-ops and homeschooling.

My daughters have fallen right back into their old routines since they homeschooled last year. My son on the other hand is having a hard time with the transition to homeschool from private school. I really thought it would be much easier for him since we have always supplemented along the path of education at home. But he is struggling with this new school routine and I have been needed in the roll of teacher and mom much more these past few weeks for him.

I'm happy to help him along the way because I truly feel this Classical approach to education will serve him better in life. That being said, I have been out of the loop while aiding my son on this change in his education path. 

I've been stuck in my home classroom from early morning until after dinner. My son is miserable and I am draining of positive notes to tell him all day. I'm hoping this next week will be much easier for all of us. I've been taking photos when I can, but have had no time to edit anything. I took a break today from being a mom for a much needed couple of hours and just did nothing but rejuvinate my brain.

We are heading to the city tomorrow for a fun filled day full of activities at Navy Pier. My children love this location and I am hoping to bring a smile back to my son's face.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend . . . Enjoy my photos.

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