Build Your Own Bee House #CampSci

You know that bees make honey, right? Do you know why bees make honey? It is their food during the winter months!  When the flowers are available, bees eat the nectar and the pollen; but during the winter, they eat the honey.

What do bees use to make honey? Bee make honey out of the nectar from the flowers. They use the nectar and also the pollen to make honey. The bees eat pollen for the protein and they mix the pollen in the honey to make their own food. That is why bees are always on the hunt for more pollen and more flowers.

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The Best Reading Books for your Kids for the Summer

Our school year is coming to a close and summer is fast approaching, even though in Chicago the weather is still quite brisk. I have been schooling hard this year with my daughters and my son will be finishing up his freshman year at the Science, Math & Engineering Academy. My daughters are completely under my curriculum charge and I ca say their literature intake was great this year. I personally don't think my son read enough this year (for my personal satisfaction), but I can not get him to read additional books for me during the school year.

During the long, summer months of summer I have always incorporated a summer reading schedule for all of my children. Last summer, I had my son reading (high school) Senior level AP literature. He didn't enjoy the books I assigned him, but the point was to enrich his literature palate. My daughters were also assigned enriching literature and we also created a lap book and complected some comprehensive workbooks.

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Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

I know how difficult it can be to locate the best family friendly movies and DVDs for our children and families. I also know how important it is to select the best home educating curriculum for my children. I love when I can get family friendly movies that I can also use as supplement to our home educating curriculum.

This is not about plopping a DVD in and setting my kids in front of the television and hope they learn, this is about a learning experience whilst viewing an international movie. A powerful movie can inspire a new interest or help your child develop a solid understanding of a complicated area of learning.

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Inside Our Homeschool After 12 Weeks (7th Grade)

We have been schooling for 12 weeks now and I can say we have hit a good groove . . . I think . . . but I probably shouldn't even say that or I might jinx the good thing we have going . . . My 5th grader hit her stride right away and settled right in with her curriculum as there were barely any changes for her.

My new 7th grader had a huge jump in curriculum and I will say the first four weeks were in straight out panic mode. At week five, I had to have a discussion with the director of our entire classical program forabit of guidance as my head was beginning to swim with the amount of work.

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2016-2017 Home School Curriculum

Every August I write a post about our plans for the coming school year here at home. I plan out what curriculum we will use for the coming school year. I do have some help from our fabulous consortium. Here are my 2015-2016 home school curriculum2014-2015 home school curriculum, 2013-2014 home school curriculum2012-2013 school curriculum and 2011-2012 school curriculum posts. WOW! I can't believe I am heading into my 7th year of home educating! 

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Ecosystem in a Bottle | Science Project #CampSci

It is hard to believe that I am in our sixth year of home educating my children. From the beginning our our journey to educate at home, my children have shown a keen interest in Science. Which baffled me in the beginning because when I was in elementary school and in high school I literally despised Science.

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What’s New In Your Summer Curriculum? 2015 Summer Curriculum

Every summer I still school my children . . . I know . . . I am the worst parent on the planet! We school part-time, meaning we school for about an hour three days a week. We cover the basics during the summer. Math and Literature. I also throw in whatever we may not have finished up during our regular school year OR whatever the kids may need a bit of extra attention with.

This past school year, we didn't really focus on Spelling, but only because it is not an area that my children do not already excel in. However, this summer we are going to focus on Spelling to keep the girls completely on course and aide them in their continued success with Spelling.

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