Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

I know how difficult it can be to locate the best family friendly movies and DVDs for our children and families. I also know how important it is to select the best home educating curriculum for my children. I love when I can get family friendly movies that I can also use as supplement to our home educating curriculum.

This is not about plopping a DVD in and setting my kids in front of the television and hope they learn, this is about a learning experience whilst viewing an international movie. A powerful movie can inspire a new interest or help your child develop a solid understanding of a complicated area of learning.

Inside Our Homeschool After 12 Weeks (7th Grade)

We have been schooling for 12 weeks now and I can say we have hit a good groove . . . I think . . . but I probably shouldn't even say that or I might jinx the good thing we have going . . . My 5th grader hit her stride right away and settled right in with her curriculum as there were barely any changes for her.

My new 7th grader had a huge jump in curriculum and I will say the first four weeks were in straight out panic mode. At week five, I had to have a discussion with the director of our entire classical program forabit of guidance as my head was beginning to swim with the amount of work.

2016-2017 Home School Curriculum

Every August I write a post about our plans for the coming school year here at home. I plan out what curriculum we will use for the coming school year. I do have some help from our fabulous consortium. Here are my 2015-2016 home school curriculum2014-2015 home school curriculum, 2013-2014 home school curriculum2012-2013 school curriculum and 2011-2012 school curriculum posts. WOW! I can't believe I am heading into my 7th year of home educating!