2017-2018 Home School Curriculum

Here we are ending the month of August already. This summer was a bit of a dude for us weather-wise. The summer began with the sun shining brightly and then just sort of fizzled out! We had a super wet and rainy summer, which really puts a damper on pool days. We ended the summer in Florida with amazing sunny weather for two solid weeks!

except gym.

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Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

I know how difficult it can be to locate the best family friendly movies and DVDs for our children and families. I also know how important it is to select the best home educating curriculum for my children. I love when I can get family friendly movies that I can also use as supplement to our home learning.

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Inside Our Homeschool After 12 Weeks (7th Grade)

We have been schooling for 12 weeks now and I can say we have hit a good groove . . . I think . . . but I probably shouldn't even say that or I might jinx the good thing we have going . . . My 5th grader hit her stride right away and settled right in with her curriculum as there were barely any 


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The Butterfly Nursery | The Butterfly Lifecycle

The Butterfly Nursery is such a delightful kit your children won't even realize they are learning. The kit enables your family watch the lifecycle of a butterfly. Literally, miracles happen before your eyes.  The live butterfly kits come with caterpillars so you and your children can see theamazing transformation!

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Ecosystem in a Bottle Science Project #CampSci

It is hard to believe that I am in our sixth year of home educating my children. From the beginning our our journey to educate at home, my children have shown a keen interest in Science. Which baffled me in the beginning because when I was in elementary school and in high school I literally despised 

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What’s New In Your Summer Curriculum? 2015 Summer Curriculum

Every summer I still school my children . . . I know . . . I am the worst parent on the planet! We school part-time, meaning we school for about an hour three days a week. We cover the basics during the summer. Math and Literature. I also throw in whatever we may not have finished up

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