What Will You Watch to Begin the Conversation?

Today’s teenagers prefer to watch Vine videos and YouTube videos over actual television. My son is pretty much obsessed with YouTube these days. He is a typical teenager in that he has his cell phone permanently glued to his hand at all times.  I'm pretty lenient with his usage except during certain times. No phones at the dinner table. Ever. No phones in church, although he tries, even after I give the 'mom look'. My husband won't allow him to stare endlessly at his phone when they are driving together (my husband is driving, not my son). And no cell phone alone in his bedroom, at all, at any time, but especially at night. the phone is plugged in downstairs and he sleeps upstairs in his room.

Spring's Best Frocks From eShakti

If you know me well, you know that I adore dresses. I couldn't be happier that it is finally warming up here in the Midwest, so I can rotate in all my lovely dresses. If you happen to walk into my closet you will see loads of frocks in all sorts of fabrics, lengths, and cuts. I have wrap dresses, shifts, sun dresses, maxi, midi and mini dresses, long dresses and A-line dresses; you would also locate some tunics with full skirts, sheath dresses and sports and tank dresses for playing with my kiddos. My swimming suit is even a dress! 

When my husband and I first start dating, he actually asked me if I ever wore pants. I did, in the winter, because it is very cold here in Chicago. But at that time I literally only owned one pair of jeans. Today, my closet is full of dresses.

DIY Succulent Container Garden / Resurrection Garden

At the beginning of Holy Week, last Sunday, Palm Sunday . . . I told my daughters I thought we should create a Resurrection Garden. They had no idea what I was talking about, so I briefly explained. We headed off to a nursery for some planter, plants and high hopes that we could figure something out.

On Palm Sunday we filled the pot with dirt and planted our lavender herb plant in the center and our succulents surrounding the outer ring. We placed a tomb in our planter pot and made a path of rocks to the tomb. On Good Friday, we will put up three crosses made from twigs and place a flat stone in front of our tomb. On Easter Sunday morning, we will roll away the stone from our tomb and celebrate Christ's victory over death!

Pocket Money For Kids

Our children are watching us everyday. They develop a lot of their habits from us, their parents. Kids develop the majority of their money attitudes from their parents, and I for one can be honest and admit that I believe I could do a better job of teaching my kids about money.

Do your kids have pocket money? My kids have received $5 or $10 increments in holiday cards since they were babies (and they still do today). I have banks for them and taught them early on this gifted pocket money went directly into their banks. After a few years of all these cards filled with money from relatives, they each had secured quite a large sum of money.

Sears Days – Best Time to Buy

Sears Days – Best Time to Buy

Timely tips to earn more rewards and maximize shopping dollars 

Sears Days is nation wide from March 26 to April 8 Sears will be offering discounts and deals in every department, online and in-store. Additionally, members of Sears’ Shop Your Way loyalty program will have the opportunity to amplify points accrual during the sale, also online and in-store.

You Don't Need To Fit in to Stand Out

If you were to ask my daughters to tell me who they think is a hero, I wonder who they would select? Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, right? Male and yes, female. heroes can be females too! Females often may not seem noteworthy at first, but for young girls today, it is vitally important for them to see other girls as heroes. Sometimes the people we see as heroic tend to have a couple of things in common! Heroes don't hesitate to act on their core values, and they almost always place others' well-being ahead of their own.

SING Candied Popcorn Mix

I decided to make a special treat for all of us to eat whilst watching our early SPECIAL EDITION of SING. I made all of us a really sweet and crunchy mix I like to call SING Candied Popcorn or you could call it SING Popcorn Crunch Mix or it could be called SING Popcorn Snack Mix. I really couldn't decide on a name!

SING is the musical comedy event of the year! I'm sure you have seen the trailers for SING?! SING is exactly like the trailers! Various animated animals with human attributes who participate in a singing competition. SING is really about following your dreams. The dreams of disparate animals across the city who are motivated by a cash prize to enter into the singing competition of the year.

MOANA Family Movie Party and Food Ideas

I had all these amazing ideas for treats, food and fun for a MOANA At-Home Family Movie Party. But first, I want to tell you a bit about Disney's MOANA if you have not yet seen the movie.

This is also something that my own grandmother taught me that I can pass along to my own daughters with the same class and respect that she gave to me. In the Disney movie, MOANA, there is a stingray-like spirit that guides Moana along her journey. Moana's ancestors send her visions that had me wishing I could receive visions of my grandmother in my dreams.

Easter Dessert Ice Age Great Egg-Scapade Table

I have the most delightful way to celebrate Easter this year. I love all that spring brings. The color, fresh, and new growth and of course, Easter and chocolate! Easter tends to be a wonderful time of year for my family. We celebrate with music, food, baskets, family, church and desserts!

Easter Sunday begins with early morning church services where my daughters play their violins during the sunrise and early morning services. My husband and son complete service at church cooking and serving an Easter breakfast for the parishioners. We come home ad begin our family traditions of Easter basket surprises and a delicious family dinner later in the day. My children and family love the Easter Dessert Table to end a wonderful day celebrating.

Hmmmm, Everybody Cheats - Right?

I am a chronic insomniac. I literally do not sleep. I try very hard to sleep, but it evades me always. My husband on the other hand falls asleep literally 3.5 seconds after his head hits the pillow. He will even fall asleep and take a nap on the sofa before he goes to bed at night! Drives me bonkers!

So, sometimes, the shows are soooo god, that I simply can not wait and I just will sit up and stream right through ad entire season. Sometimes, We are at the last episode and my husband will be away on business and I simply CAN NOT WAIT. Or, sometimes, I simply just do not want to wait, and cheat. 

Troll Rainbow Candy Bark

Sing. Dance. Laugh. Repeat! That is the Troll message. And be sure to add some sugar!

My girls and I had a Family Movie Night recently to celebrate the DVD release of the movie TROLLS. Have you see this movie yet? #TOTESADORBS! My girls wanted to make some fun treats to celebrate all things Troll related, so I though to whip up some Troll Rainbow Candy Bark in all the favorite colors of the trolls

Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats

We recently had a little family movie night party in our home to celebrate the release of the movie Trolls. One of the delicious treats I made for my kiddos (and myself, who am I kidding) was Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats.

Rice Krispie Treats are always an easy treat to make, but believe it or not, putting a bit of color to match any celebration or holiday just makes them all the more tasty and super special. Your children will be requesting these fun treats all the time.