It's Frozen in Chicago


Stacked Up This week in Chemistry my son was learning about atoms and all the wonderful protons, neutrons and electrons. I was explaining the nucleus using different flavored marshmallows. See the electrons hanging out in the energy circle? Who says Science can't be fun? It's the favorite subject in this house!


Winter Wonderland Oh Sweet Baby Jesus in the Manger did we get snow this week. The children are overjoyed. I mean, over the moon, overjoyed! Me, meh?! Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week we had glorious weather in the 50's. Literally we were outside playing for hours all three days. Thursday morning it started to snow and it didn't stop for about 18 hours. Baby girl insisted on riding her bike in the fresh falling snow. The most hilarious aspect of this scenerio is this little girl would not and I mean refused, to ride her bike all summer long. Not one time could I ever convince her to hop on her bike and pedal away. This week however, I couldn't get her off of her bike. New Year and all and on the bike she goes, in the middle of a snow storm no less.


Sweet My daughter making a sweet snow angel in the snow.


Hole I have deep cupboards in my kitchen and most of them are jmmed packed full of "stuff". This cupboard, however, has  mostly nothing in it. The cupboard is the favorite hidey hole for my kids. In fact, I have to set the timer for sharing of this hidey hole.


Frozen During the snow storm this week, I ventured out, you know, so I could watch my kids having so much fun. But me, I am not a fan of snow, not so much at all. In fact, if I never saw another frozen snowflake again in my life, it would be fine with me.