Finish Strong

I will happily admit that the end of the school year is making me very happy. I will be packing up the school room and putting books and papers away in drawers until the fall. I'm looking forward to summer and the break from school and constortium and co-op classes. I think I may miss the tone of the schoolroom, but I am ready for a break.

I spend a great deal of time with my children since I homeschool and I don't get time off from them unless they are at consortium or co-op and that will not change over the summer. But what does change is I get to change my role from teacher back to mom. During the summer months I get to spend loads of time with my children simply having fun.

We will be going to matinee movies, museums, parks, swimming pools, watching favorite movies on rainy days {or 'too hot' days}. I think I am looking forward to the summer as much as my children. However, we still need to finish strong. That is our motto here at home. Finish Strong. I think I say it everyday when eyes start to get glassed over. Finish Strong.

As I wrap up the school year, I begin to ponder on next school year. I'm already writing notes for curriculum. I've started a list of must read books for each child for literature. I will be making final decisions and book purchases soon. I want to finish all these syllibi soon as I really want to focus on summer.

In the summer, the classroom is turned back into a playroom/media room and my home is actually clean and tidy because I have time. Time to clean. Time to look. Time to listen. Time to hear. Time to play. Time to finish strong.

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