TOP 9 THINGS TO DO at Pandora–The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Anytime of the year is the best time to make plans for a family vacation to Disney's Animal Kingdom to visit  Pandora–The World of Avatar.  Disney's Animal Kingdom wouldn't be complete without a visit to Pandora–The World of Avatar.

TOP 9 THINGS TO DO at Pandora

This past summer we had the opportunity to visit Disney's Animal Kingdom. We were all super excited to visit the newest addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Pandora–The World of Avatar! Avatar is actually one of my daughter's favorite movies, so she was especially excited for the afternoon at Animal Kingdom. My young teenage daughter and tween daughter happen to be animal lovers and have not met a bee, bug, chipmunk or bunny that they don't love and want to save. 

There are so many beautiful spots to see at Disney's Animal Kingdom to visit the Pandora–The World of Avatar. This is an extraordinary land and I have highlighted some of the best attractions to visit for your teenagers, tweens and yourself AND it is another opportunity to have your teenagers and tweens fall in love with all things Disney!


Stroll Through the Valley of Mo’ara 

 I would highly recommend that you simply take a stroll through Pandora, the Valley of Mo’ara and enjoy the sheer beauty of it all. My kids were so impressed at how well Pandora actually is replicated in Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Believe me, we have see Avatar no less than 25 times, so we have the movie memorized! The movie really does come alive at Disney's Animal Kingdom and it is breathtakingly beautiful! Even if you have not seen the movie Avatar, you will love the beauty that Pandora has to offer you visually. 

TOP 9 THINGS TO DO at Pandora

Selfies and Images in the Valley

Open up your Snapchat account and get your filters ready -- well, your teens and tweens will anyway! Get your camera ready and take some amazing photos of all the areas of Pandora. Pandora offers a backdrop for some amazing images and selfies! It is so colorful with the waterfall, glowing fauna and flora and floating mountains. If you are lucky enough to get a sunny day, your images will be spectacular!

TOP 9 THINGS TO DO at Pandora

Ride the Na’vi River Journey

Now that you have seen the lay of the land in Pandora, head over to Na'vi River Journey and take a ride through the bioluminescent forest.

TOP 9 THINGS TO DO at Pandora

Taste A Cheeseburger on a Bao Bun

Now that you have one ride out of the way, you have likely worked up an appetite for a snack. I suggest visiting the Satu’li Canteen and having a variety of different bowls(chicken, beef, fish, vegetable or tofu) or Steamed Cheeseburger Pods.  

TOP 9 THINGS TO DO at Pandora

Face-Painting at the Colors of Mo’ara

Your teenagers may be too old (or not) for face-painting, but your young tweens will still be up for face painting at Mo'ara. We have had face painting at Animal Kingdom numerous times and I can attest to the fact that the face painting will and does last all day long! There are so many different options to select to transform into a Na'vi.

Soar on the Back of a Banshee

We had fast passes for Avatar Flight of Passage and were walking about taking in all that the Valley of Mo'ara had to offer whilst waiting for our time stamp. This ride was worth the wait and is the most thrilling attraction in Animal Kingdom.  Amazing, literally, the BEST ride I have ever been on and we have traveled the globe!  

Sip on a Night Blossom

After you hop off your banshee, you will be ready for a drink. Skip right on over to Pongu Pongu and try the Na’vi-inspired drinks. We had the Night Blossom (non-alcoholic), which is a apple and pear limeade topped with passion fruit Boba Balls and it was SO good! My husband tried The Rum Blossom and enjoyed it very much!

Visit Windtraders

My daughters are going to save every animal on this planet someday. We have more stuffed animals in my home than toy stores! So we had to visit Windtraders. My daughters were able to have an Interactive Banshee Toy perch on their shoulder, even my teenage son thought they were pretty cool!

image cortesy of Disney

image cortesy of Disney

Stay to See Pandora at Night

After all these wonderful walks through Pandora and the Valley of Mo'ara, you must stay to see the Valley at night. It comes alive! There is nothing quite like seeing Pandora at night glowing with bio-luminescence.

Pandora–The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is truly magnificent! Disney really brought the movie to life in their attraction. I'm so glad my teenagers and tween were able to experience this wonderful new attraction with us. Traveling with your teenagers and tweens is still the best time for family bonding and Disney makes it very memorable!



TOP 9 THINGS TO DO at Pandora

Disclosure: I paid full price admission park hopper tickets for my children to visit Walt Disney World in Florida and my husband and I received complimentary admission thanks to Disney. All other expenses were paid by myself and my opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.