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TOP 9 THINGS TO DO at Pandora–The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Anytime of the year is the best time to make plans for a family vacation to Disney's Animal Kingdom to visit  Pandora–The World of Avatar.  Disney's Animal Kingdom wouldn't be complete without a visit to Pandora–The World of Avatar.

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Ripley's Attractions in Tennessee for Tweens & Teens

Last week my husband and my son spent the week in the Smoky Mountains camping. Like really camping, in a tent, with an open fire every day . . . roughing it, just the boys. The loved it! Bless Their Hearts! Well, I think my son loved it way more than my husband did, but that was totally the point.

The had a boys week and sat around doing what young men and grown men do together. I don't think my son showered for a week or changed his clothes. I unpacked his bag today, which I had packed for him before he left. . . and all his clothes were still neatly folded in the bag! I was amazed and disgusted at the same time. My son shrugged and stated, 'I went swimming everyday'. I'm not sure I can survive these years.

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Dollywood Theme Park with Tweens and Teens

So many people of all ages head to Dollywood Theme Park every year. But I wanted to focus on how much fun Dollywood is for tweens and teens. When talking tweens and teens, the ages I think of are between 10 to 12 to 15. My son, who is 13 and my husband just recently visited Dollywood on their week long trip to Tennessee. They were visiting Tennessee and discovering all that it has to offer tweens and teens.

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Traveling With Tweens

Traveling with my children is a practiced art. I've been traveling with my children since my son was a baby. The more we do it, the better I get. Although, just when I think I have it mastered, I get tossed a curve ball and I am now traveling with tweens. These great little travelers of mine have 

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