Be Our Guest Restaurant

The Be Our Guest restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants at Magic Kingdom for young princesses. The best way to to dine in the Beast's castle and see the gorgeous ballroom is to have Advanced Dining Reservations.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Walt Disney World

Be Our Guest Restaurant is nestled underneath the Beast's mysterious castle in the new Fantasyland. I wanted to dine in the Beast's Enchanted Castle in the newly opened FantasyLand with my children and I attempted to make reservations prior to arriving in Walt Disney World. They were completely booked for the time that we would be in Florida. I was so elated when I was standing in line at the airport for Magical Express when I was handed a Be Our Guest invitation.

I simply needed to go online with the reservation code I was given at check-in and choose a time for lunch that fit our schedule. I was even able to pre-order for myself and my children. It was so simple. This is a quick service restaurant, but the menu options were very nice.

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You are reminded of the Beast as you pass through the old gateway to a stone bridge and through wrought-iron gates with six beastly figures along the sides to entre Be Our Guest. We arrived at the front gate at our selected time and checked in. We waited a few moments to get in, but it was much better than waiting in the stand by line. We confirmed our menu selections with an attendant, who handed me hand held magical rose device, and were told to sit anywhere we liked.

I completely avoided the Armor Hallway since I had pre-ordered our lunch. Otherwise, you would be directed to an area where you would select from menus and order on a self service kiosk. I'm glad that I pre-ordered as I think this may take a bit of time.


There is an option to sit in any of the three beautifully decorated rooms. The mysterious West Wing, Rose Gallery or the grand 2-story Ballroom. We couldn't decide where to sit and finally ended up in the Rose Gallery.

The centerpiece of the room showcases a large music box nearly 7 feet tall with Belle and the Beast slowly twirling atop. Paintings and tapestries adorn the walls, celebrating the characters from the story. Carved roses are featured throughout the room, even on the backs fo the chairs. It was a beautiful room.


The drink station was self service and easy to access. There are two drink stations, one in the main ballroom area and one in the Rose Gallery. The beverage station is also where you pick up your silverware, napkins, straws, and condiments.

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When we arrived for lunch we were told the West Wing was closed, but when we were leaving, the room was open and we popped in there to have a look see. The girls were able to see the Enchanted Rose.

There are claw marks on the portrait above the fireplace. The portrait actually changes between the Beast and the Prince each time a rose petal falls from the enchanted rose. The atmosphere in the West Wing is completely different from the Rose Gallery, but still stunning.

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The presentation of your lunch is quite lovely. Your food arrives on fancy glass covered rolling carts and is magically delivered to your table. For some reason there was a slight mishap with our food order (I think it was due to the fact that we were wandering about taking photos, getting our drinks, looking for the perfect spot to sit and not placing our magical rose on the table right off) and we had to wait over an hour. It was nice and cool inside after a really hot morning, so it did refresh us.

The serving portions were quite large for the adult meal. I couldn't even finish my entire Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef sandwich. The kids loved their Whole-Grain Macaroni topped with marinara and mozzarella and the desserts were delicious. I had the Triple Chocolate Cupcake and the children all had the Chocolate Creme Puff. We all loved the Triple Chocolate Cupcake the best.

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As I stated, I was elated to be a guest at Be Our Guest. We had a fabulous, healthy lunch in a beautiful atmosphere. It was the perfect pick up to get out and finish our day at Magic Kingdom. We will be back.