Where is your favorite spot to picnic at Millennium Park

With beautiful summer weather upon us here in Chicago, I decided to plan a picnic for my children and I at Millennium Park. We have basically finished schooling for this session and I wanted to have a fun filled day with the kiddos. They are always begging for a picnic and there never seems to be enough time to prepare, so I knew this would be a fantastic surprise for them.

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Chicago is blessed with some amazing sights and parks, but I knew the perfect location for our little picnic. My children love Millennium Park and it totally helps that it is free. Millennium Park has amazing views of the Chicago skyline and just makes us all smile. I know it is the most obvious choice to picnic, but it really is the top spot. 

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It turned out to be such a beautiful, sunny day at Millennium Park. I was so elated I had made the decision to have a picnic with the children. They had so much fun throwing some crumbs to some very chubby pigeons and we all enjoyed a very healthy lunch while taking in the great atmosphere of Chicago.

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The children could not be contained any longer and we simply had to walk over and enjoy The Bean and admire ourselves in its shiny reflection. After a bit, we decided to see the giant walls that display the ever-changing faces of Chicagoans at Crown Fountain and frolic about in some water.

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We love Chicago as there is so much to see and it is so diverse. We had a really enjoyable, inexpensive family time picnicking today and I can't wait to do it again soon. A picnic in the city was a snap to pull off.