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10 Reasons To Take Your Kids to A Minor League Baseball Game

Taking your kids to a Kane County Cougars baseball game is a great way to kick off summer family activities and is the perfect family activity over summer break! These are the best 10 Reasons To Take Your Kids to A Minor League Baseball Game this summer and attend a Minor League baseball game with the family.

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Chicago Guide to the Holidays

There’s no city quite like Chicago to spend the holiday season. Make the holiday season in Chicago festive with Christmas markets, ice skating, musicals and so much seasonal fun. There is something special about Christmas in Chicago, so here is a Chicago Guide to the Holidays.

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Aikman Wildlife Adventure is a drive through and walk through wildlife sanctuary in Arcola, Illinois. Aikman Wildlife Adventure's mission is to provide the highest quality of life possible to wildlife in need, while maintaining a family friendly environment through interaction, education, conservation

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Medieval Times’ New Show Sovereign | A Huge Success!

In a major break from Medieval Times’ 34-year tradition of casting a king in the show’s lead role, the company has revealed that a queen is now in charge and sole ruler of the land. She is cast as a firm but kind ruler respected throughout the kingdom who inherited the throne at the passing of her father, the previous king. This is Leigh Cordner, our Creative Director’s 4th full show with Medieval Times!

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10 Things to Do with Kids In Chicago

Are you looking for ideas for things to do in Chicago with your children? Check out the numerous family-oriented attractions and sights that are well-suited for kids including zoos, museums, parks, sporting events and so much more in this 10 Things to do with Kids in Chicago. 

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Tweens on The Ledge at SkyDeck Chicago

See an unparalleled view of Chicago from the top of the Willis Tower. Step out on The Ledge with your family and tweens on The Ledge at SkyDeck Chicagoformerly known as the Sears Tower NOW called WIllis Tower. The Willis Tower upgraded and added The Ledge, four glass boxes on the 103rd floor.

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Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair #ChicagoWorldsFair

My family and I are lucky enough to live near a fabulous city, Chicago. We benefit from many things chicago has to offer us and one of the greatest is the museums. My children love The Field Museum and pretty much have the layout memorized. However, we had yet to visit the The Field Museum's exhibit of Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair.

We are huge fans of fairs and considering Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair happened to have been the larget fair in Chicago like ever, we were super excited to see this exhibit.  I downloaded the Field Museum Tours mobile app  prior to leaving in order to provide my family with extra information about the exhibit and items found in the exhibit itself. The Field Museum Tours mobile app is free for the iPhone and Android. Once we arrived at the museum, I quickly connected to the “FieldMuseumWifi" for the best performace whilst visiting the museum that day.

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7 Favorite Fall APPLE Recipes

I adore Fall and it is simply my favorite time of the year. My favorite season. My favorite weather. My favorite food. I'm so looking forward to all the delicious Fall recipes that are going to be enjoyed. Apple recipes - are favorite recipes in our home. Today, I'm excited to share with you some of my favorite Fall apple recipes.

I think moments of connections come when we enjoy life’s small moments. If we slow down a bit and enjoy the simplest of things, we would enjoy the small moments more. The busyness of our fast paced lives tend to lose sight of what is important -  - spending quality time with loved ones. The best gifts in our lives are enjoying our family. The blessings of eating and drinking together, listening and engaging with one another.

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Coca-Cola's Balanced Living Summit in Chicago December 11-12 #CCBalancedLiving

I need to update my body image now that I am in my forties. Weight gain and wrinkles are what I see in the mirror now, and are one aspect of growing older that I wish I could avoid.

I am a caretaker to my husband and my children and I ignore myself. My wellness plan has all but evaporated from my life because I am simply too busy to think about it. My body has been changing these past couple of years, sending me signals, which I have been ignoring, resulting in the  development of bad habits-- little to no exercise and greasy snack food late at night.

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Oh So Silly!

Every few months I {try} to take my children to the science museum in our area. If it were up to my children, we literally would be there every week. We go so much that some of the science experiments staff know us personally.

How can one not turn into a 10-year-old to test the Bernoulli principle by using a column of air to levitate a table full of sponge balls? By far a favorite exhibit of my children.

Of course, my daughter uses her face instead of the supplied balls. Go figure!

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