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Snoozeums Night

This past Friday we took the children and my nephew to the Museum of Science and Industry to spend the night. Yes, we slept in the museum! We were assigned a sleeping area in YOU! The experience.  The boys really wanted to sleep by the fighter planes, but we didn't want to get into any trouble by moving.

We were running around the museum all night looking for our favorite exhibits and gaining stickers for the scavenger hunt. The kiddos all earned their patches and had an amazing time. Seriously there was just NOT enough time to do all the exhibits. The boys could have lasted a couple more hours for sure, but lights were turned out promptly at 11:40 pm and that was that. They stayed up whispering and laughing and playing games for another hour and then they passed out cold. We were awakened at 6:30 am by the coal mine whistle (I had already been awake for over an hour)

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Oh So Silly!

Every few months I {try} to take my children to the science museum in our area. If it were up to my children, we literally would be there every week. We go so much that some of the science experiments staff know us personally.

How can one not turn into a 10-year-old to test the Bernoulli principle by using a column of air to levitate a table full of sponge balls? By far a favorite exhibit of my children.

Of course, my daughter uses her face instead of the supplied balls. Go figure!

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Museum of Science and Industry Family Day Coming SOON!
The Museum of Science and Industry is one of the best museums in Chicago, and that’s saying a lot. There are exhibits for both the young and old there! MSI is not a museum where you need to shhhsh your children and panic every time they reach out an arm to touch something. My children and I can walk through a human heart, pretend we are fairies and live in a castle, watch baby chicks hatching, go to the center of the world, whisper across a vast hall, and much, much more! We plan on doing all this and more on Friday when we take our visiting family from very rural Iowa to MSI for the day.
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