Snoozeums Night

This past Friday we took the children and my nephew to the Museum of Science and Industry to spend the night. Yes, we slept in the museum! We were assigned a sleeping area in YOU! The experience.  The boys really wanted to sleep by the fighter planes, but we didn't want to get into any trouble by moving.

We were running around the museum all night looking for our favorite exhibits and gaining stickers for the scavenger hunt. The kiddos all earned their patches and had an amazing time. Seriously there was just NOT enough time to do all the exhibits. The boys could have lasted a couple more hours for sure, but lights were turned out promptly at 11:40 pm and that was that. They stayed up whispering and laughing and playing games for another hour and then they passed out cold. We were awakened at 6:30 am by the coal mine whistle (I had already been awake for over an hour)

Here is a peek at our Night at the Museum or Snoozeum, as it was titled.

Gear Change Like a Superhero: In an emergency, could you put on superhero gear in the confines of a phone booth? How quickly could you do it? This little one finally knows how long it'd takes to save the day. This was inside the Mythbusters exhibit. So worth it to go and see, the kiddos spent an hour in here!


Checking out Stan's pulse, the Human Patient Simulator, in the mini-med lab (we slept right by Stan).


Concentric Circles The boys were able to dive and surface with two sets of moveable dive planes (bow and stern) to control the angle of the boat's descent or ascent.


The girls were able to maneuver the bow plane and stern plane steering positions as well.


Marble The 1941 Junkers Ju-87R-2 Tropical Stuka is one of two surviving Stukas in the world. The plane revolutionized military aviation and military warfare with blitzkrieg tactics of fast, aggressive dive-bombing to support the quick advancement of German ground troops, and the Museum's Stuka is displayed in a steep dive.

Warped  Compete to Relax … Relax to Compete: In this two-player game, you have to try to “out-relax” your opponent in order to win. Each player wears a headband equipped with metal sensors to detect the brainwaves that become elevated with relaxation. Spectators can watch the action along with monitors of the players' brainwaves in action. As you become more relaxed than your opponent, the ball starts rolling away from you and toward the opposite goal. If you stay less stressed than your opponent, you score a goal and win! The boys were obsessed with Mind Ball! It was hilarious. They figured out if youhold your breathe you could win!


Glazed By this time, my brain and eyes and legs and back and neck were all glazed over!

I PAID for this with my own money and this is in NO way a sponsored post!