My Week in Images

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Body Part  This grass is my yard . . . IN AUGUST! It is unheard of in the midwest to have green grass in August! I love how lush everything looks around here, but I sure missed the sun this summer!

Wednesday This photo I actually did take on Wednesday for a natural light window photo challenge. I made the headband for my daughter (with a matching one for my other daughter) and then decided they were so pretty, I had to use it as well!

Music Nothing sweeter than the sound of the violin. Music lessons start in a couple of weeks. My summer break is definitely over!

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Guess What It Is? Can you? Can You? It's something sweet!

Mirror Image I wanted to do something fun for this one . . . but I ran out time this week . . . so alas, and easy selfie! I love when my curls look this good . . . it just so rarely happens. They usually look like a big puff ball!