Walgreens School Sports Physicals

It’s back to school time which means it’s also a time of year when I need to think of school physicals.  Most school districts now require physical exams prior to enrollment in sports and other extracurricular activities. Walgreens Healthcare Clinic answers that need with an affordable, quick, easy, no-appointment-needed school & sports physical.


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I am a homeschooler, so there is no deadline or state requirement for my children to attend a homeschool or co-op, for the completion of physicals. Many homeschoolers decide to strictly follow their doctor’s recommendations with the timeline of physicals. However, I decided to take my son to Walgreens Healthcare Clinic for a school physical because he has not had one since he was in 2nd grade. I especially wanted to take advantage of the special $39 school & sports physicals pricing. 

Walgreens Healthcare clinics are currently offering school, camp and sports physicals for $39, until September 30. After September 30th, the price will go back up to $60.

Sports and School Physicals

The school and sports physicals include:

  • Physical Health Examination
  • Height and Weight
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Vision Screening

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic made it easy to get a school physical for my son at my convenience. I attempted to make an appointment online, but the website recommended I walk-in. No appointment is necessary. We walked in, signed in on the available kiosk and sat in the waiting area for a total of 7 minutes. We were greeted by a friendly Family Nurse Practitioner and taken into a room to answer a couple of questions.

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My son was extremely nervous and I let her know this and she quickly put him at ease. She explained what she would be doing in the next few moments and my son quickly had a smile back on his face. My son had his blood pressure taken and the nurse explained to him what the numbers meant. He had his heart rate checked, which he thought was very cool. She weighed him and took his height measurement and we discovered he had lost some weight and grown a couple of inches.

We then waited a few more moments before we went into another exam room to see the Physician Assistant.

The decisions I make regarding my children’s healthcare are not easy. As a parent, I want what is best for my children and do not take the decisions regarding their healthcare lightly. I do not tend to take my children to a primary care physician based on my decision to not vaccinate my children. I'm always a bit on-guard whenever I do visit a primary care physician because most are very upset with me that I have made this decision. Some primary care physicians have even refused to see my children based on this decision. I was not sure how the Physician Assistant at Walgreens Healthcare Clinic would react to this news.

I was so pleased that she completely supported my decision and did not make me feel I was doing a disservice to my children. She did not attempt to sway my decision or make me feel horrible. She asked me a couple of questions and simply went on with the exam. She was pleasant, funny and had my son giggling and smiling the entire time. She noticed that my son was a bit underweight and she helped me with an action plan to get more healthy fat into his diet.

The board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant staff were friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate. The Walgreens Healthcare Clinic health care providers set the stage for a happy and healthy school year by answering all of my questions and addressing any concerns I posed. They made sure that my son and I are prepared for the year ahead.

I'm excited that an active family like mine, who are constantly on-the-go, now has a place to go for convenient, affordable physicals with no appointments required. I will also be visiting the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic in a couple of months for a wellness check and see how my son's weight is progressing. 

Walgreens School Sports Physicals

If your family is as busy as mine, Walgreens Healthcare Clinic is perfect for scheduling appointments as they have extended evening and weekend hours. If you do not have a primary care physician or are new to the area, the Healthcare Clinic is in virtually every area and you could simply walk down the street for a walk-in appointment if need be.

The Walreens Healthcare Clinic helped take the hassle out of getting my son's school physical.

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