Chicago Six Flags Great America #SixFlagsGreatAmerica

If you are looking for a fabulous way to spend some quality time with your family in a FUN atmosphere in Chicago, head out to Six Flags Great America. There are about three full weeks of summer left and still plenty of time to have thrills in your day.

We had planned a family outing to Six Flags Great America this past weekend, but my son woke up pale and not feeling well. The girls were just getting over summer colds and were ready to go. My son stayed home and I headed to Great America with the girls for a great girly day full of laughter and adventure.

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There are so many rides at Six Flags Great America whether at Carousel Plaza, County Fair, , Southwest Territory, Mardi Gras, Hometown Square, or Southwest Territory. I hand the girls maps and they let me know what they want to ride. We navigated thorugh the park quite easily, even with the crowds.

If you happen to have little ones, there is even an area for them to enjoy. Six Flags Great America has three kids areas just for young ones, including KIDZOPOLIS and Skull Island.

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If you happen to have huge thrill seekers in your family, there are plenty of ride for you brave souls! There happens to be some of the fastest, tallest, wildest, gut-wrenching, rides in the country at Six Flags Great America. Those rides look terrifying to this scared momma!After all this walking and excitement, we needed to be refueled and there are numerous choices to fill your tummies. Coffee for me and pizza and pasta for the girls were the perfect choices for us.

We were even able to get a few cuddles in after shopping for some stuffies.

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igNIGHT – Grand Finale premiered this summer and takes place in the evenings right before the park closes because there’s no better way to end an adrenaline-filled day at Six Flags Great America than with a big bang!


Six Flags Great America is pleased to present the premiere of igNIGHT – Grand Finale, a mesmerizing and immersive nighttime spectacle bursting with energy, vivid colors, brilliant visual effects, lively performances, fascinating imagery, and pure imagination.

The groundbreaking new high-tech show — the most advanced show in the park’s 37-year history! — plays on all your senses, taking you on a wonderfully wild journey to a beautiful never-before-seen world. Watch in wonder as igNIGHT illuminates the dark night, magically bringing to life a phenomenal bright and vibrant multimedia universe filled with music, singing, dancing, laser lighting, and pyrotechnics right before your very eyes. Guest interaction along with advanced audio, enhanced video projection, and special effects round out the brand new show that is sure to stun and delight audiences of all ages.

Disclosure: I received a ticket for myself and one child for admission. I purcahased another ticket for my daughter. My opinions are my own. No compensation has been received.