Lemonade Mini Sessions

Today is the day where I am going to show what I did this Friday. I made a lemonade stand! I loved how it turned out. The children and I had so much fun putting it together! I am scheduling Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions for this weekend and I needed some setup photos and practice with the area and lighting. The children were more than happy to assist.

lemonadestand (9 of 1).JPG

Dishes  I love how these old tiny milk bottle or carafes, not sure what they are called, worked out for the lemonade.

lemonminis (26 of 1).JPG
lemonminis (13 of 1).JPG
lemonminis (28 of 1).JPG
lemonminis (21 of 1).JPG

Favorite Color  I either wear black or white and sometimes navy. But, mostly black or white. That is me, I'm so boring. As you can see, it's what I dress my kids in as well. Sunflare I didn't pick the best time to photo these shots of my kiddos, but I was scrambling for time that afternoon and the sun was not in the optimal place for me. But, it all worked out in the end. Expression I could not have asked for this if I tried. This is what happens when you suck on a lemon!Sticky Lemons that are used for lemonade make for very sticky children. When Life gives you lemons... Make Lemonade...

Cheers to a great  Lemonade Stand!