Coffee Bible Study

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A coffee party is a good excuse to gather friends together and get all the people you love hopped up on caffeine and sugar. You know there is nothing more enjoyable than sampling different flavors of coffee and tasy treats. This morning was my turn to host our summer bible study and I was quite excited to share my love of Gevalia coffee with all my friends.

Obviously, the sky is limit with coffee but I wanted to serve my favorite flavors this morning. I brewed up several types of coffee such as Gevalia Vanilla, Gevalia House Blend in Decaf (for those who didn't want to be hopped up on caffeine) and I had Gevalia Signature Blend available in single serve cups* to brew by the cup. I had some flavored creams for everyone to try and a bucket of ice to plop in a glass for iced coffee. I wanted everyone to try each and let me know what the favorite of the group would be.

The Gevalia Vanilla iced coffee was the winner this morning. I think the 80 degree day was the deciding factor there. I can't wait to turn another pot into a frappes later this afternoon.

I was able to purchase all my Gevalia coffee and tasty treats for my bible study at Safeway (that is Dominicks in these parts). The bakery at Safeway was loaded with carts of delicious desserts and I couldn't decide, but finally chose some wonderful options for the gals and I.

If you have never had Gevalia coffee let me tell you it is available in a variety of flavors and roasts, most of which were available at Safeway. I simply had to drive up the street from my house as Safeway is very conveniently located all over the suburbs. The prices were wonderful and I even was able to use my card to take advantage of sale prices.

I'll be heading back there this weekend to stock up for our Father's Day celebration on Sunday. You can bet I will be serving more Gevalia coffee as well since it is the perfect complement to any get-together.

My bible study group and I had a wonderful morning reading and discussing what was on our agenda and enjoy the distinctively rich, smooth taste of Gevalia that’s never bitter. The delicious treats I had chosen were simply devoured. My children were hoping for some leftovers, but that did not happen. Since I will be heading back to Safeway in a couple of days, I will have to sneak some extra treats in my cart just for them.


You know you are a coffee lover when you've worn out the handle on your favorite mug

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