Lemonade Burlap Banner Tutorial | DIY


It's the beginning of summer here in the midwest. I am no longer tied down to the classroom and can complete some projects that are no longer school related. It feels really good to be creative and crafty again.

I decided to make a banner for a Lemonade Stand mini session that I was planning. I simply looked about my house and gathered the supplies. I was lucky in that I had everything I needed on hand, especially since it was midnight when I decided to complete this craft project. This banner was super simple to create and took no more than an hour tops. The most time consuming was waiting for the paint to dry. In case you're interested in making one too, here are the details.

How To Make a Lemonade Burlap Banner


*Burlap (I used approximately 1/4 yard)



*White & Yellow acrylic paint




burlaplemon (2 of 13).JPG
burlaplemon (3 of 13).JPG
burlaplemon (5 of 13).JPG

I did not measure anything, use a template or have any specific letter templates to use. I eyeballed the cutting of the burlap using the size of my scissors as my guide and painted freely. SImply lay newspaper down on whatever surface you are working on, lay out the cut burlap pieces. I cute my burlap pieces in small rectangles, but you could use any shape really. I painted yellow rectangles on each shaped burlap piece, leaving a thin burlap border around the edges.I waited for the yellow paint to dry before I could paint my letters on in white. I painted the white letter freely and spelled out lemonade.

burlaplemon (7 of 13).JPG

Once the painted letters were dry on the pieces of burlap, I was able to string them together with cut pieces of twine. I simply took a knitting needle and poked a hole in each corner of the burlap and hand strung the twine through the holes. I tied a know in each piece, connecting all the pieces together in a line to spell lemonade.

burlaplemon (9 of 13).JPG
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burlaplemon (12 of 13).JPG
burlaplemon (13 of 13).JPG

Next, I cut long strands of the twine for each end and tied these strands on in the same manner. I then tied select pieces of ribbons in matching colors to each end of the banner. I wanted some other splashes of color.

lemonadestand (12 of 1).JPG

I love how my Lemonade Burlap Banner came out!This was the perfect addition to my Lemonade Stand mini session.

lemonademinis (3 of 1).JPG

This banner was very simple to make and you can create these for any room in your home. They really could be as elaborate or as simply as you want. Your imagination is the key. You could decorate your chidlren's rooms with their names. These banners could be created for any occasion, such as a birthday, holidays, or even weddings!