"There are always flowers for those who want to see them"

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I'm thankful for my life . . . I really am . .  I could not have imagined this life for myself, even on my best dreaming day. I;m full of gratitude to my husband who provides me the opportunity to stay home with my little. I'm full of gratitude to God that he has set this wonderful life before us. I'm full of gratitude to my wonderful children and the spark of who they will be someday shows through.

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Sometimes I forget though . . .

Like when my kids were arguing this morning. My daughter was acting rudely to her sister, while my son was shouting for me to come because they were bothering him with their silly argument. It was so silly too, they were arguing over a pencil. My little one then decided to use an entire skein of yarn to wrap up all her stuffies, while my other daughter decided to write in pencil all over her desk. Agh! I don't like these days too much.

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Morning like these can lead me to be full of self-pity and think "Why can't my kids ever get along. What am I doing wrong?" These thoughts usually spin the morning in the wrong direction and we tend to be off for the remainder of the afternoon as well.

Or I can decide to be full of gratitude. I can think, "Well, at least the girls are looking for pencils to complete their work." and "Look how adorable all these stuffies look all wrapped in this colorful yarn. She's amazingly creative." and "My daughter is so artistic." {but secretly pray she will find paper next time}.

I remember that I have a beautiful home and that I get to stay home with my children all day long and enjoy these times when there are peals of laughter and hugs and love and kindness. So out with the bad thoughts of stress, worry and fear. I'm leaving that behind and focusing on the good and the goodness will spread to my children.


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