Iohannes, Our Elf, Departs {More Elf on the Shelf Ideas}

Elf on the Shelf is a fun-filled Christmas Tradition for children everywhere. Children welcome one of Santa’s Elves in their home during each each holiday season.

The day would come when I would not have to search franticly for an idea where to place the much loved Elf in our home, Iohannes. I was getting a bit cranky from staying up very late and sneaking about our home ever so quietly in my attempt to be a covert spy. My ideas were becoming mediocore and I was tired of Iohannes.

I wanted his departure date to come quicker than it was. However, I could not disappoint my children. They love their little Elf and literally jump and rocket ship out of bed each morning in the month of December to locate the Elf and ee what mischief he may have started during the evening while their little heads were nestled in tightly.

I had thought that little Iohannes would certainly keep my son in line this year as he had done the previous year. But, that did not happen in the manner I was hoping for I do think perhaps this will be the last year that my son will truly 'believe' in the magic of the holidays. I am ceratinly okay with this and I think I am ready to move on to a house where only one or two child still believe. It will be hard to keep my son silent next year though. This I do know.

Well, on to Iohannes concluding days here in the Tantrum's household.

Day 18 Iohannes left a note telling the kiddos he needed a shower as he had stepped in reindeer poop at the North Pole. Naturally, all the sea animals had to comne and join him.


Day 19 This was a day where the children searched high and low and simply could not locate Iohannes.  The old er two kiddos were in a mood to pick on their little sister that morning and she went off in tears to her bedroom. I thought to call out to her, but I knew if she stayed in her room long enough she might make a discovery. It was quite hilarious as I had a keen ear out listening for her reaction. She was in mid-tear and mid-stomp and suddenly she shouted down to her siblings with utter joy that it was she who had discovered the beloved sneaky pal hiding in her room. She had saved the day and became the hero and all the tears and hurt feelings were quickly forgotten


Day 20 My children are very light sleepers and to pull this day's antics off were not an easy feat. I was sneaking about in the dark of the night with scotch tape and paper streamers and really testing my sanity. I was sure I was going to wake my daughter up and be caught in the act. Thankfully, she slept right through her door being completey obstructed. She was able to escape in the morning easily and happily. (and I took photos and then deleted them from my camera prior to downloading them to my computer-dope I am)


Day 21 After a particular testing day of being a mother to my son on Day 20, I thought he oculd use a bit of reminder that the Silly Season was upon us and Santa really did not need to leave him a present in four day time. Iohannes left a bit of a reminder in our classroom. {and naturally, these photos were deleted as well}


Day 22 Iohannes was set to spy on our neighbors for the day using my son's telescope.Day 23 I was getting testy myself by this day and was complaining to my husband that I really wished the elf would die an unnatural death. He encouraged me to keep it up as the children were having great fun with Iohannes this year. I grumbled a bit more and decided to pull out a rather good setup for the next to the last day.


Day 23: Iohannes made the children s'mores and roasted some marshmallows with friends as they gathered around the fireplace under the Christmas tree.


Day 24 Glory be and thank you I made it to the end. I told my husband the elf was not returning in 2013. I'm sure I will change my tune once the holidays roll around and forget how tired I was completing this task all alone. But for right now, the Elf has retired!

Iohannes left a good bye note and made his way out of the Tantrum residence via hot air balloon.