Iohannes' Antics Continue {More Elf on the Shelf Ideas}

Elf on the Shelf is a fun-filled Christmas Tradition for children everywhere. Children welcome one of Santa’s Elves in their home during each each holiday season.

A friend of mine just sent me a lovely email telling me what an amazing mom I am keeping up with the Elf on the Shelf. I had to laugh out loud because I was just complaining to my husband last night that I am so over Iohannes.

I've been sneaking around at night for the past 22 days and I am done! Two more days and I won't have to think of super slueth antics for the Elf on the Shelf to pull off for another year.

However, I must be truthful here and confess that I am not that creative when it comes to ideas for Iohannes. I can copy other's tricks like nobody's business though! All I need is a hint of a idea and I can whip something extraordinary up for Iohannes to pull off that will have my kiddos squealing with delight.

Day 10 & 11:  Iohannes went rifling thorugh the drawers drawer. Thankfully he was smart enough to stay clear of mine! He remained here for Day 11 as well because this crazy, busy momma forgot to move him before she scooted downtown for a wellness summit on this day. The kiddos were deeply disappointed.


Day 12:  Iohannes took a ride on our Chinese pony. I was still absent in the Tantrums household and hubbie plopped him here for a ride this day.


Day 13:  Iohannes decided to get stuck in the candy jar and gobble up some chocolate kisses.


Day 14:  Iohannes decides to pester the kiddos parakeet all day long. I don't Indigo even notified if truth be told.


Day 15: Iohannes took a cue from all our photos and ziplined from our Christmas tree across our living room on a candy cane.


Day 16: Instagram photo since I forgot to use my trusy Canon this day. Iohannes built a ladder out of twist ties and hung it from my light fixture over our kitched island to swipe a lolly pop from the Ggingrebread village. Quite Mission Impossible of him.


Day 17: This little elf took it upon himself to pop some popcorn and plop himself down in front of the tellie for the day. He totally stole the remote!