Ice Capades

My kiddos have been on holiday break for a v e r y long time now. I'm talking 17 days here with three days left. It has actually been a wonderful break for this homeschool mom {a very much needed break I might add}. The bitter cold is settling in the midwest and it's hard to stay outdoors if the sun is hiding. Some days he may peek his lovely self out for a bit and I make the children scoot right on out the door for some fresh air and some shouting at the tops of their lungs. Naturally, running amuck outside keeps them from doing that in my house and driving me completely bonkers.

The other day I was running a ton of errands and had left the house for a few hours. The children were left in my husband's capable hands and were playing Skylanders when I left AND they were still all playing it when I returned. I had my little one with me {since she lives in my pocket if you didn't know} and we had decided that once we returned home we would go exploring outdoors since the sun was shining down with a big smiling face.

I walked indoors and was instantly appalled that everyone was still in their pajamas and still playing video games. I rallied the troops upstairs with a shout of snow pants, boots. I added in a comment about walking about on frozen ice and checking out the creek and I think my two oldest were out the back door before I even found my hat!

An afternoon spent exploring the creek and looking for ice and throwing rocks on frozen ponds was absolutely what my family needed to bring some smiles and laughter into zombie children who had spent too too many hours in front of the tellie!

Now, I can't keep them indoors and they want to 'skate' on the ice everyday! Me and my big mouth!

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