Favorite Halloween Traditions

Favorite Halloween Traditions include bashing on as many doors as humanly possible and consuming copious amounts of candy without getting sick. But one thing Halloween Traditions don’t normally include is enforcing a stricter teeth brushing routine on Halloween for your children and for yourself.

Favorite Halloween Traditions with Tiaras & Tantrums and Crest #CrestHalloween #CrestSmiles

Trick or Treat Be So Sweet Give Me Something Good To Eat


One of the most important Halloween Traditions my kids have is to dress up. We have so many costumes in my house from over the years, I think I could open a rental costume store! Each year, the kiddos want their Halloween costumes to be more elaborate, scarier, and even better than the year before. My kids have a plan and they scour all the stores and websites for the best costumes. I have even had to break out the sewing machine a few times to make dreams come to reality. This year is no different.

Favorite Halloween Traditions with Tiaras & Tantrums and Crest #CrestHalloween #CrestSmiles


My favorite Halloween Tradition I have passed down to my children is trick or treating with friends and family. When I was a young child, my cousin would come to our home to trick or treat and I would go to hers. We lived in different towns in rural Iowa and our trick or treating days were always different, so we were able to get so much candy.

My kids always trick or treat with a group of friends, either from the neighborhood, or from our co-op. Last year, we gathered with a group of friends from school and had a great time. Everyone dressed up and all the parents drudged along behind all the kiddos, trying to keep up. This year, we are trick or treating with the same group of Halloween buddies and families and hosting a gathering pre-Halloween trick or treating and post-Halloween trick or treating. My kids are barely able to contain their excitement!

Favorite Halloween Traditions with Tiaras & Tantrums and Crest #CrestHalloween #CrestSmiles


I was always super jealous of my cousin when we went together because she was able to eat as much candy as she wanted and I wasn’t. My candy had to be inspected and it was dolled out piece by piece. Most of the precious candy I had collected went uneaten in a large bowl on a very high shelf in my home.

One tradition I did not want to pass down to my children was the micromanaging of their candy collection. I still remember how I so wanted to be able to touch and look at my own candy I had earned by saying those three little words at so many doors. Trick or Treat. And I was never allowed.

Favorite Halloween Traditions with Tiaras & Tantrums and Crest #CrestHalloween #CrestSmiles

Trick or treat, bags of sweets, ghosts are walking down the street

Doesn’t everyone play with the Halloween toys at Target?

Doesn’t everyone play with the Halloween toys at Target?

Based on a recent ‘Candy Confessions’ survey by Crest, 4 in 10 adults say they enjoy the holiday even more now than when they were a child. I would say I am definitely a part of this stat.. The survey also showed for 37% of these adults, the reason why is because there’s no limit on the amount of candy they can consume. TRUE!

My kids already know they can not eat any candy tossed into their bags that is not in a wrapper, that looks tampered with, torn in any way or half opened. They also do not accept any treats that are not store bought. But other than that, I let them look and ogle over all their candy.


They love nothing better than to come home after a hard night of treating and bashing on doors by dumping their candy stash on the floor and counting every single piece of candy they have collected. They organize it by brands and types. They trade what are each other’s favorites and they always offer me my favorite pieces, which thankfully, they don’t like! I don’t limit their consumption of candy and the amazing thing about this is they rarely eat too much. I discovered if I don’t limit how much, they sort of self-regulate. The Candy Confessions survey from Crest also showed 72.7% of mothers limit their children to a maximum of 10 pieces of candy on Halloween. I’m not part of this group.

You Are Never To Old To Go Trick Or Treating

Halloween really wouldn’t be the same without all Halloween candy! Whether your kids love to stay home and hand out the candy to the trick or treaters  or they love to go running from door to door amassing a candy stash, moms know they have to up the enforcing of a stricter teeth brushing routine during the Halloween holiday for their children AND for themselves. Did you know that the average parent eats one-fourth of their children’s Halloween candy? Yep! Parents need to attack the sugar bugs too! So it is great to know that from the Candy Confessions survey, 7 in 10 parents enforce a stricter teeth brushing and flossing routine during Halloween.

Crest proves this point by bringing together a group of school-aged children for a focus group. Crest asked the children to test out some new healthy alternatives for the Halloween season. Kids love candy! My kids are no different. Everyone loves candy! The survey from Crest also showed, 86% of parents eat candy that was given to their child while trick-or-treating! Watch this video Crest made - IT IS HILARIOUS!



Favorite Halloween Traditions with Tiaras & Tantrums and Crest #CrestHalloween #CrestSmiles


What’s your favorite dentifrice? Seems like a spooky word right? It’s not. Dentifrice simply means: a substance for cleaning the teeth; applied with a toothbrush. So what is your favorite? After ingesting all that candy, your teeth will be in dire need of some maintenance with dentifrice! Our favorite Dentifrice is CREST!  It’s a tradition you might say. I have used Crest my entire life, ever since I was a child. We use Crest to keep our teeth clean and healthy.

Favorite Halloween Traditions
Favorite Halloween Traditions

Crest knows we all need to enforce stricter teeth brushing routines this Halloween season for our children AND ourselves, so they have an in-store deals at Target. While you are at Target purchasing all your candy for the trick or treaters, just swing by the toothpaste aisle and collect your Crest toothpaste and use the CartWheel Deal at Target this Halloween season.

Favorite Halloween Traditions with Tiaras & Tantrums and Crest #CrestHalloween #CrestSmiles

Target In-Store Deals

From 10/28 to 11/24, Target will be offering $1.00 off Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy and $2.00 off Crest Gum & Enamel Repair OR Crest Gum Detoxify through the Cartwheel app.

Along with the Cartwheel deals there is a gift card offer running 10/28 – 11/3, buy 4 Crest Pastes and receive a $5 gift card to Target.

Additionally, on 10/28, a $1-off coupon insert will be available inside local newspapers across the U.S., providing a discount on all your favorite Crest Toothpaste varieties through 11/10. Be on the lookout!

Favorite Halloween Traditions with Tiaras & Tantrums and Crest #CrestHalloween #CrestSmiles

What are your Favorite Halloween Traditions?