Halloween and Silence

I loved that trick or treating was on a Sunday this year. I was able to take the chidlren out right at 3 pm and walk around our neighborhood to houses with people actually home. I live in a very strange area where no one is ever home. And I mean, never. It is so odd. You could walk around my neighborhood at any given time during the week and see no one. I live on a ghost street. Perfectly manicured lawns, beautiful homes . . . no children, no homeowners. Odd Odd Odd! The children were tired quickly and we were home before the sun even set! They were happy with their candy loot and haven't had a piece since Halloween. By next week, they will have forgotten all about their treet bags and I can toss the lot!

OCT10 713.jpg

This monkey has been around my house since my son was born. My husband bought it for him while he was in the hospital with me. My little one has since swiped it from her big brother and now proclaims it as hers. I will find monkey hanging from various locations throughout the house and the other day I caught him hanging upside down on our Halloween ghost. Too funny and adorable, I simply had to get a shot!

OCT10 758.jpg

My poor mailbox, my new mailbox that my husband had just installed, was completed bashed in by vandals this past July. Damn holligans! My street had four mailboxes dented up. Still under police investigation . . . we have heard nothing but Silence on that end.

OCT10 770.jpg

I have this tree in my parkway . . . I believe it is an Oak. It is the saddest thing . . . each spring I wonder if this tree will make it. This year this little Oak surprised me and bloomed, late as it was, but it did indeed bloom. It looks quite sad now . . . sad and the silence is deafening.