DIY Macrame Feathers

Macrame Feathers are so adorable with their whimsical, wispy ends. Making your own DIY Macrame Feather is quite simple and you can join the ranks of people who produce creative things. Here are perfect instructions on how to make macrame feathers diy.

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I have put together macrame feather instructions to make a diy macrame feather. These macrame feather instructions could easily be used to create a small macrame feather keychain or macrame feather earrings. This macrame feathers tutorial will teach how to make macrame feathers and how to stiffen macrame feathers. I do not have a specific macrame feathers pattern because I was just watching and mimicing how my daughter made her large Macrame Leaf to create a small DIY Macrame Feather.

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

On our way home from Colorado, we stopped at a vintage home store in Iowa to see if there was anything there we would like to purchase. My daughters and I love to creative “things” and draw inspriation from home stores in our areas. But it is always nice to stop in home stores when we travel as well. My daughter spied some Macrame Feathers in this particular home store and quickly sated, “I could make these myself”.

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

We had several different variety of macrame string at home already and various wood beads as well. As soona s we arrived home, she set to work on making some of her very own DIY Macrame Feathers. My daughters are quite creative and I am amazed at some of the art they create using all types of medium.

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

Beautiful creamy colored cotton string designed into a feather shape, and fringed out using a cat hair brush couldn’t be an easier creative thing to produce. Once my daughter was half way through her large macrame feather, I decided I wanted to make my own macrame feather as well. I wanted a much smaller Macrame Feather though. My daughter is making her design so large, I would say it has passed the feather stage and is now a large Macrame Leaf design.

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DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

DIY Macrame Feathers Instructions

Supplies Needed:

  • cotton string / macrame cord

  • fabric stiffener spray

  • sharp scissors

  • cat brush

  • tape measure

How to Make a DIY Macrame Feather

Cut the cotton string/macrame cord to these lengths:

Large Macrame Leaf :

  • 1 – 24″ length

  • 14 – 12″ lengths

  • 14 – 10″ lengths

  • 14 – 8″ lengths

  • 14 – 6″ lengths

  • 14 – 4″ lengths

Small Macrame Feather:

  • 1- 12″ lengths

  • 6 – 6″ lengths

  • 4 – 4″ lengths

  • 4 – 3″ lengths


Step 1:

Fold the single longest string in half. Take a wooden ring and attach the string with a larks head knot. Next, string a small wooden bead up the length of the cotton string and knot in place. This is the support structure of the Macrame Feather. Working with “sets” of lengths, begin with the longest set of cut lengths of string make square knots with two equal sized lengths of string.

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

Step 2

To make a square knot, take one length of the longest string and fold it in half. Place it on the right side perpendicular and under the spine of support string.

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

Step 3

Take another equal sized length from the longest string set and fold it in half. Pull the loop part through the loop of the first string laid down under the support length. Pull the second length through over the supoort (center) of the feather. (look at image avove)

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

Step 4

Grab the ends of the first string, ensuring they are even and pull them through the loop of the second string. Hold the left side in left hand and the right side in the right hand and pull the stings sides tight. This is the first square knot on the support string. (look at image above)

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

Step 5

Alternate square knot sides each set of string and repeat Steps 2-4. Take another single strand of the longest string and fold in half. Place the loop on the left side, perpendicular and under the spine of support string. Each new set of strings will alternate which side you lay the string on.

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

Step 6

Once you have used all the first set of cut lengths of string, move on to the middle set of cut lengths of string. Again, alternate the left and right side for tying the squre knots in place. Once the middle section is complete, move to the last set of cut lenths of string and again alternate left and right sides.

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

Step 7

Move the knotted lengths of string up to the top of the macrame feather and pull each set of strings tightly while continuing to alternate sides. Work your way down the length of your support string.

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

Step 8

Once you have tied all the sets of strings, simply tie a knot at the end to of the support string. This will ensure the knotted lengths do not fall off.

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

Step 9

Take each string and begin to unravel the lengths up to the knot. Use a cat brush or a fine comb to brush the cottons strands straight and flat.

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

Step 10

At this point, the macrame feather shoudl begin to look like a feather. With sharp scissors, trim any edges of the string that are out of formation. (IE: shap your macrame like a feather)

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

Step 11

Spray your brushed Macrame Feather with a stiffening spray. The stiffening spray will allow the flattened strings to lay flat (flatter). The macrame feather will not be stiff. The strings will be soft and whispy. If your prefer a stiffer macrame feather, simply spray with a starch spray.  

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers

These DIY Macrame Feathers Instructions can be used to make any size Macrame Feather or Macrame Leaf. Simply adjust the lengths of string to the size of the envisioned project. Instead of using wooden rings and wooden beads, a piece of driftwood could also be used to hang on the wall. A wooden dowl could also be used to support various sized Macrame Feathers for a multiple wall hanging. In addition, there are various colors of cotton string available. The DIY Macrame Feathers do not have to be the creamy colored string only. A DIY Macrame Feather could be created using two or three different sized feathers to mimic natural feathers from different animals in nature.

DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers
DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers
DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers
DIY Macrame Feathers #macrame #DIY #MacrameFeathers #DIYFeathers