A beautiful Fresh Fruit Tart makes for the perfect spring or summer dessert, especially one that is loaed with gorgeous fresh berries and fruit. A Classic Fresh Fruit Tart is rather simple to make, delicious to eat and a simply gorgeous dessert to serve at any gathering!

Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe

My family loves a Fresh Fruit Tart. The best Fresh Fruit Tart we ever had were onthe streets of Paris. Really, nothing can beat eating tiny Fresh Fruit Tarts whilst roaming about Paris. I do occasionally purchase a beautiful Fruit Tart, but they can be quite expensive. I also have found that when I purchase a ready-made Fresh Fruit Tart from a bakery or grocer, it does not seem to reamin fresh for long. The crust is soggy and the fruit loses its freshness quite quickly.

Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe

We all love a fresh fruit tart in my home, but I never had made one prior to this as I always thought they were too laborious. Which, in fact, is not true at all. A really great fresh fruit tart takes a little bit extra time, but the reward is super delicious! I don’t think I will ever purchase a Fresh Fruit Tart again and will always make my own going forward.

Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe

There are so many different fillings to use in a Fresh Fruit Tart, but my family adores the custard filling over a cream chesse filling. We also really like a mascarpone filling, but our absolute favorite filling for a Fresh Fruit Tart is the vanilla custard. It is simply delicious! I have to say that I could eat the crust by itself, it’s that good!

Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe

In addition to the amazing custard in this Fresh Fruit Tart and the delicious crust, the real magic is in the fruit. The fruit toppingfor a Fresh Fruit Tart is only limited by the imagination. My kids are pretty much the captain of the fruit in our Fresh Fruit Tart. Also, what fruit is in season? I selected, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and gooseberries. The sweet berries and the tart berries are a great contrast in one bite!

Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe

Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe



  • 1 cup flour

  • ½ cup almond flour

  • 3 TBSP tubinado sugar

  • 1 TSP real salt

  • 2 large egg yolks

  • 1 stick cold unsalted butter, sliced


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

  2. Mix the flour, almond flour, sugar, and salt in a medium bowl.

  3. Whisk egg yolks in a small cup or bowl.

  4. Add butter slices to the flour mixture. With a pastry cutter (or your hands), smash the butter slices into the four mixture. Incorporate the butter into the flour as much as possible.

  5. Add the egg yolks into the dough and combine. Continue working the dough with your the pastry cutter (or fingers) fully mixed. It will look a bit on the dryer side. If the mixture is extremely dry, add 1 tbsp of water at time to get a better consistency. The dough should be a bit tacky, but well mixed.

  6. Place the dough in a tart pan (or any metal pan, presprayed with non-stick). Prick the dough a few times with a fork. Freeze for 30 minutes. (This is why you need to use a metal pan. You can not use a glass dish as the dish will break as soon as you place a cold dish in a hot oven).

  7. Bake the frozen crust until golden brown, 35–40 minutes. Set aside to cool.

Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe


  • 2 cups whole milk (my kids are allergic to milk, so I replace with non-dairy substitute)

  • 1½-2 TSP vanilla bean paste

  • 4 large egg yolks

  • ½ cup turbinado sugar

  • 3 TBSP cornstarch

  • ¼ TSP real salt

  • 5 TBSP cold unsalted butter, sliced

  • fruit of your choice


  1. Bring the milk and vanilla bean paste to a simmer in a pot, remove and set aside.

  2. Whisk the egg yolks, sugar, cornstarch, and salt in a medium bowl. Add ½ cup of the milk mixture at a time and slowly whisk together until fully incorporated.

  3. Place all the ingredients from the bowl back into the pot. Whisking constantly, bring to a simmer until mixture is thick (this will take less than 5 minutes). Remove from heat.

  4. Add cold butter one slice at a time and whisk until fully melted before adding the next slice. Pour imxture into a glass dish and cover with plastic wrap and cool completely.

  5. Once fully cooled, stir the custard until smooth. Pour the custard into the crust.

  6. Top your custard with your choice of fruits and berries. Slice strawberries, kiwis and top with select berries.

Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe


  • Mango or Apricot Preserves


  1. Heat ½ cup apricot or mango preserves in the microwave with 1 tbsp of water. Dab the heated preserves onto the fruit with a pastry brush.  Slice and serve.

The heated preserves put a shiny glaze on the top of the Fresh Fruit Tart and makes it glisten. It somewhat keeps all the fruit from falling off when you cut the tart as well.


Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe

This Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe did not last long in my home. I was eating the custard by the spoonfuls prior to even putting the fruit tart custard in the baked tart crust. My fruit tart crust was a bit smaller than a standard tart crust because I used a pie platter versus a tart pan. So, I had a bit extra custard and I was able to eat the remaining myself. ☺The pie platter worked just fine if you do not have a tart pan either.

Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe

Make your own Fresh Fruit Tart for any upcoming parties or holiday celebrations. Bring a freshly baked Fresh Fruit Tart to any family gathering and you will be the hit of the party or gathering. A Fresh Fruit Tart is really one of the most beautiful desserts to bake for any celebartion.

Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe

Baking and Making your very own Classic Fresh Fruit Tart is not hard at all. It does take a bit of time, but it is so worth it. The best aspect is, you are not limited by anything. Simply add all your favorite fruits to make the most beautiful dessert. Any fruit will do, fresh tropical fruit, all berries, and even stone fruits do well. Make your very own Fresh Fruit Tart today and let me know how yorus turned out!

Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe
Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe
Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe
Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe #fruitTart #freshfruittart #fruittartrecipe