About and About The City

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Mobile ♥ This baby calf, just a few weeks old, was as mobile as could be and as curious as ever. She just poked her head right out of her pen searching for something to suck on. My daughter's finger did just fine.

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Hanging by a Thread ♥ We were walking around downtown yesterday and this wall mural caught my attention. Do you see the puppets hanging by a thread?


Collage ♥ Lester Strode, Chicago Cubs bullpen coach, spending some time with my son on the field. It was pretty cool!

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Look on the Bright Side ♥ So, my son was catching some balls that Chris Bosio was hitting to him and on the last ball, my son misjudged and the ball landed on his chest. {It was totally an accident, but, Yo, Chris Bosio pelted my son with a baseball. My husband was way impressed} Anyway, my son was pretty ticked off at that point and really just didn't want to do anything else! I let him be and work it out himself, standing by the infamous ivy walls on Wrigley Field. How's that for looking on the bright side?

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Home ♥ My kiddos are growing some grass around this little house. Isn't it the cutest thing ever?