Now What Is Gutzy Gear? #GettinGutzy!


Get Gutzy with a brand new product call Gutzy Gear . . . Now what exactly is Gutzy Gear?

It is a cool new accessory that lets you express your style and personality on any kind of bag with a strap (messenger, backpack, tote, duffel bag etc) that you use for school, camp or any activity.

Gutzies are cool looking removable patches. Gutzies stick to a Gutzy strap cover that you put wherever you want to go Gutzy! With 56 Gutzies in a series and new Gutzies constantly being introduced, you can collect and trade a world of Gutzies.


I hosted a mommy party with some wonderful products provided by Gutzy Gear and MomSelect last week for some back to school fun. All the kiddos knew they were in for  aback to school surprise, but they didn't know for sure what it would be. All the children were super excited to spend a fun afternoon filled with games and swimming and lunch and surprises.

We played a couple of Gutzy Games  . . . Gutzy Bingo, Locate the Missing Piece (the goal was to find the child who has the other half of your Gutzy as fast as possible), Gutzy Dominoes . . . ate some lunch and then added up our tokens. Winners of the games were given tokens for the surprise.


I handed out the Gutzy starter kits which included 2 straps with a promo patch and explained what Gutzy was all about to the children (the moms already had the information).


It was time to tally up the tokens and the child with the most was able to have their choice of one pack of Gutzies to decorate their straps. After everyone had made their choice I told them all if they wanted to trade and swap they could. You should have heard all the negotiating going on. It was fabulous!

All the children loved their surprises and were super grateful that Gutzy Gear was going to adorn their backpacks and bags on their first day of school! The straps and patches look really good on all the bags and really add some character to each child's backpack. Your children can glam it up with Gutzy!

gutzy (1 of 1).JPG

Be sure to check out Gutzy Gear, they are also on Facebook and Twitter. The Gutzy Gear straps retail at $9.99 and the Gutzy Gear Patches retails at $5.99. Both can be purchased on line at Gutzy Gear.

Disclosure: informational post only. I received product to give out to friends and family. No other compensation has been received. My opinions are my own.