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How To Select The Best Preschool
A decade ago when my son was ready to begin preschool we were living abroad and had the opportunity to send our son to an international school. My son had an amazing first year of preschool at a wonderful international preschool filled with children from all over the world. The schools in Chin are a year ahead of the schools in the United States, so my son actually attended Pre-Kindergarten at age three. This.School.Was.Amazing!
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Now What Is Gutzy Gear? #GettinGutzy!

Get Gutzy with a brand new product call Gutzy Gear . . . Now what exactly is Gutzy Gear?

It is a cool new accessory that lets you express your style and personality on any kind of bag with a strap (messenger, backpack, tote, duffel bag etc) that you use for school, camp or any activity.

Gutzies are cool looking removable patches. Gutzies stick to a Gutzy strap cover that you put wherever you want to go Gutzy! With 56 Gutzies in a series and new Gutzies constantly being introduced, you can collect and trade a world of Gutzies.

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Zeiss Lenses and Free Educational Tools

One appointment I seem to always forget about is my yearly eye exam. I think the reason I forget is because I am constantly at an eye specialist for other issues I have with my eyes. Thus, I forget to get an annual exam to actually determine if I can see thorugh my glasses. Yes, I wear glasses. I have worn glasses since I was in jr higg school. I attempted to wear contacts for vanity sake, but never successfully. I am a glasses person, simply put. My son now wears glasses as well.

Carl Zeiss Vision develops precision lenses for eyeglasses, coatings for eyeglass lenses, and optical measuring devices and diagnostic tools, making Carl Zeiss Vision one of the leading manufacturers of optometric products in the world. About 200 million people around the globe wear eyeglass lenses made by Carl Zeiss Vision. The ZEISS brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and supreme technology in the world of eyeglass lens manufacturing.

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Random Acts of Zhu 2011 #RAZ2011

My husband and I have volunteered at our church in various aspects over the past decade. My husband is very involved in the Out Reach Program helping people in our community. Cutting down trees, trimming shrubs, painting homes, moving furniture, carrying in groceries . . . basically whatever needs to be done for people who call into our church and need assistance. Around the holidays, our church is called upon to help many families in our community who are needy. Each Thanksgiving we ask for donations of food for the food kitchen and we package up a lovely bag of groceries so families can celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. My husband passes out the turkeys and carry bags of groceries.

Each Christmas season, our church is called upon for the same food drive but also in a larger capacity. We accept families who need assistance and ensure these wonderful families can celebrate a Christmas they otherwise would be unable to do. My husband and I have always bought food for the food kitchen and every year our children pick paper ornaments off the church tree so we could purchase gifts for the families in need.

I want my children to understand that there are families who are not as fortunate as we are. I want my children to comprehend that not all children have food in their cupboards and pantries whenever they open the door. I want my children to learn to help those in need, as the bible teaches us. I want my children to have empathy and compassion. It is important to my husband and I, that our children have an understanding  and a heart for compassion.  In this crazy mixed up world there are few things that don’t come with a price.  Being nice and showing someone you care is something that is free to give and most of the times free to receive.

Last year we had the most wonderful day handing our ZhuZhu pets to families at our church. This was a family affair and my children had a great time giving a ZhuZhu to a child in need. All the families are so amazing and it really was a great experience to have a little chat with each family that came in to collect their food bags, turkeys, gifts and a surprise ZhuZhu.

This year I was really hoping that Cepia would once again have the Random Acts of Zhu. I was so overjoyed to have the opportunity to put my name in the hat and even more overjoyed to be chosen once again. When I spoke with the head of the Out Reach Program to confirm with her we were indeed getting more ZhuZhu's this year she was so ecstatic! She had been asking me for the past month if I knew yet.

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