Our #PricelessChicago Cubs Day

In 2016 the Chicago Cubs baseball team made history when they won their first World Series in 108 years, This was the end of a very long championship drought. Wrigley Field is knowf for its ivy covered outfield walls, hand-operated scoreboard and famous Marquee. The baseball park is home to the Chicago Cubs for over 100 years and is the second oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball.

My family recently had the opportunity to attend a Chicago Cubs baseball game thanks to MasterCard and their Priceless Chicago Cubs Pledge Program. This was an amazing opportunity for me and my family and really any Chicago Cubs fan.

All the fans were able to take part in an outfield clinic with three Chicago Cubs coaches. Everyone participating learned the basics of baseball and were able to take their pictures on the deck circle!!! It was an experience like no other let me tell you! I met a fellow fan who had carried a Chicago Cub flag all the way to Afghanistan and hoisted it up on the top of a building where he was stationed. VERY COOL!

Here are some photos of our day . . .

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So, my son was catching some balls that Chris Bosio was hitting to him and on the last ball, my son misjudged and the ball landed on his chest. {It was totally an accident, but, Yo, Chris Bosio pelted my son with a baseball. My husband was way impressed. Anyway, my son was pretty ticked off at that point and really just didn't want to do anything else! I let him be and work it out himself, standing by the infamous ivy walls on Wrigley Field. How's that for looking on the bright side?

Lester Strode, Chicago Cubs bullpen coach, spending some time with my son on the field. It was pretty amazing! {He even tried to get my son out of his funk, but it wasn't working.}


Eventually my son was not as upset any longer and our day went great. The Cubs game was awesome and we all had a great time! My husband and I used to attend Cubs games all summer long before we had kiddos, so  we really missed the entire atmosphere of the field and the fans. Chicago really does have some of the best fans in the nation!

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For this amateur photographer . . . Mastercard was able to make some of my dreams come true taking some memorable, unforgettable and PRICELESS photographs of our day on and off the Chicago Cubs field.