I Had It All Under Control . . .

Oh, Lordy, have the past couple of weeks been brutal to me. My lungs are on fire, I can't breathe well and I've turned into a sputtering fool again. This warmer weather is wrecking havoc on me. I was so looking forward to spring, but I am a mess! During the colder months, I had my severe acid reflux and asthma totally under control . . . but these past two weeks I want to rip my lungs out and get new ones. My husband is ready to toss me outdoors if I choke, cough, sputter, wheeze or inhale oddly one more time. He told me he can't even watch tv with me any longer because all he hears is my loud lungs.

At least I have these gorgeous girls to keep me company . . .

Looking for treasure
Hazy Spring Day
sitting on a tree
Happy Weeping Willow
Happy Girls

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