Easy Aioli Recipes by Red Gold #EasyAioli

Red Gold has been around since the 1940s focused on growing local in the Midwest, where the climate, position of the sun and soil are perfect for growing tomatoes. Yes, this is true. The Midwest is perfect for growing tomatoes. I happen to grow tomatoes every year and have just planted my tomato plants this past week. We love tomatoes in this house. We love fresh tomatoes even more.

Red Gold knows this and produces the freshest, best-tasting tomato products in the world, in my opinion. We have summertime tomatoes all year long. I was contacted by Red Gold to see if I would like to sample some of their newest products. I couldn't have been more delighted since my summer tomatoes have just been planted.

Red Gold is currently hosting a campaign, Aioli Sweepstakes, on Facebook this month through the 27th (May 27th). There is the potential to win product AND a $250 prize pack that includes a Cuisinart Panini Grill and other amazing prizes.

Simply visit RedGold on Facebook and select which aioli you are most like OR which aioli you like the most!.

Aioli Sweepstakes

I was so intrigued by these aioli recipes as I have never made an aioli. I was excited to try a new recipe out and selected the spicy aioli for my husband. He takes a sandwich to work everyday and this is perfect for him. He loved the spicy aioli spread and it was so simple to make. I opened a can of Red Gold Petite Diced Tomatoes and put a couple of dollops of horseradish and mayo and some seasoning. We kept the Horseradish Aioli in a bowl in the fridge and it last one week for him. I actually saw him eating tablespoons from the bowl. IT IS THAT DELICIOUS!

You may be asking, what is Aiioli? Aioli is a flavorful mayo-like spread that can be smeared on a sandwich, used as dip for your fries or chicken fingers or as a topping for your tacos or pitas. It is extremely versatile and delicious. You will want to add a spoonful of Aioli to all your plates!

Red Gold has more signature aioli recipes here, #RedGoldRecipes. You could try aioli on pizza, tacos and any type of sandwich. They all look and sound so delicious, it is going to be hard to only make one.  I love to keep Red Gold tomatoes around to add to other recipes. There are also some other delicious recipes on the Red Gold Pinterest page.



1⁄2 cup light mayonnaise
1 (14.5 ounce) can 
RED GOLD® PETITE DICED TOMATOES 8 slices bread, variety of choice
4 large lettuce leaves
12 slices bacon, cooked and drained

Ground black pepper to taste
Combine mayonnaise and 
RED GOLD® PETITE DICED TOMATOES to make the Tomato Aioli.

Place lettuce on 4 slices of bread and then add three strips of bacon and top with Tomato Aioli and black pepper. Place slice of bread on top. Cut in half and serve.

Disclosure: I received a sample kit to review. I have not received any compensation. My opinions are my own. Images courtesy of Red Gold.