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The Butterfly Nursery | The Butterfly Lifecycle

The Butterfly Nursery is such a delightful kit your children won't even realize they are learning. The kit enables your family watch the lifecycle of a butterfly. Literally, miracles happen before your eyes.  The live butterfly kits come with caterpillars so you and your children can see theamazing transformation!

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Ecosystem in a Bottle Science Project

With an Ecosystem in a Bottle Science Experiment for Elementary Students and Middle School Students and even High School Students, you will be building a terraqium column which will allow you discover the relationships between living organisms, and their environment.

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The Central Nervous System {Science}

When teaching the Peripheral Nervous System to your children, it is really quite easy to make it fun whilst explaining something that is quite complex. I have put together a Central Nervous System lesson plan and free printable for homeschool students and homeschool moms below that will aide in teaching the Central Nervous System to elementary student. 

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