You Don't Need To Fit in to Stand Out

Netflix is bringing a whole new definition of girl power to the table this Spring. 

You Don't Need To Fit in to Stand Out | #Netflix |#StreamTeam |#BeBoldForChange

You Don't Need To Fit in to Stand Out #StreamTeam #Netflix

I seriously love any Netflix series or Netflix movie that sends a message of striving to make your mark, of dreaming big and overcoming huge obstacles for young girls, tween or teen girls. These are messages I try toteach to my daughters on my own without some backup from an episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events (which by the way, if you haven't watched yet, fit this in over Spring Break!). 

If you were to ask my daughters to tell me who they think is a hero, I wonder who they would select? Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, right? Male and yes, female. heroes can be females too! Females often may not seem noteworthy at first, but for young girls today, it is vitally important for them to see other girls as heroes. Sometimes the people we see as heroic tend to have a couple of things in common! Heroes don't hesitate to act on their core values, and they almost always place others' well-being ahead of their own.

You Don't Need To Fit in to Stand Out  #StreamTeam #Netflix

Teaching my daughters to be courageous and to stand up for what they believe, to take action if something touches their hearts, and to put others needs first is something I really strive to achieve. Sometimes it can be a challenging process, but it's one of the best lessons I can learn my daughters in order for them to be women of strength when they are adults.

We live in a world where technology connects us to people from all over the globe, in ways that were unthinkable and almost impossible when I was a young girl. I think today, my daughters are able to be better equipped to see the needs of others and to be aware of the needs of others in this vast world. Because of this aspect of our world of technology, my daughter can be empowered to make an impact.

Whether in our own school room or whilst on a mission trip or while we take a family vacation, a heroic family is a household that makes a conscious, unified priority of reaching out in love to those who are in need. I hope to help my kids recognize a hero when they look in the mirror.

This month, Netflix has numerous shows that have girls who are equipped a strong sprinkling of girl-power. Check out Project Mc², , TrollHunters, Skylanders Academy, Tarzan and Jane, Luna Petunia, and Julie's Greenroom. All of which are currently streaming on Netflix.

Because, seriously, our daughters do not need to fit in to stand out!

Which female Netflix characters do your daughters connect with?

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