Why I hate to run . . . cool running

Spring has officially sprung! Woo hoo! And as the temperatures begin to warm up, the streets are beginning to become crowded once again with people running. And I have to ask myself … why? Really people, what is the attraction?

I have friends who run. Some run on treadmills. Some run marathons. And some just run for fun. I think they are crazy people. My husband takes our dog running, who happen to love it.

I never really understood the appeal of “running”. I tried it when I was younger (and thinner) but never found that addictive high that draws people in and holds them captive. It escaped me. I became a prisoner of a way different kind of sport. Surfing. Couch surfing that is. And presently I would say it has moved to internet surfing.

But I guess in reality I do run every day. It’s just not the kind of running done with a headband and tube socks. Ok, maybe an occasional headband, but only on really bad hair days.
My kind of “running” consists of the following:

  • I run here.
  • I run there.
  • I run errands.
  • I run late.
  • I run amuck.
  • I run out of time all the time.
  • I run out of patience.
  • I run off at the mouth sometimes … sorry for that.
  • I run into stores … for what my children say is forever.
  • I run through the drive-thru way too many times for dinner.
  • I run to ballet and gymnastics and baseball and fencing and tutoring and cheerleading and horse riding lesons and swimming lessons and art classes . . . seriously, my children are way too busy.
  • I run around the topic when my husband asks how much I spent at Target.

And occasionally, I run out of creativity.

Thankfully, this does not happen too often!

This is my latest summer album . . . too cute! I just received five new orders for scrapbook albums! I'm going to be busy over the next week or so!