My Lovely Daughter

Who would you trade places with for the day? Isn't this an interesting question?

But I think I would like to trade places with my younger self. Live my life all over again with less stress, not goof around so much about my education, save more money. I was stupid at times but I wouldn’t change too many parts except to be more active, think before I speak, and laugh a lot more.


Although now that I ponder this a bit more . . . I really think I would like to change places with my daughter for the day . . . how magnificent would it be to have no worries in the day  . . . to be completely care free and live life to the absolute fullest potential!

Since my daughter was a small toddler she has this amazing gift that nothing bothers her too much.She is so carefree in her actions and attitude. She reminds me so much of my younger self. As a child I was the same way. It makes me smile so to see that things don't affect her greatly. Issues rolls off her back and right on down the lane. She is so much like me that I struggled a bit with her at age three. I hate to admit this, but I didn't like her very much. She was too independent and too stubborn and too carefree. I was her mother and I wanted her to be dependent on me and to listen to me and to follow me.


I have this friend who sent me a fabulous book to read, to help me, with her, because these issues where all about me and nothing about her(I've since read it twice). I learned to love all these wonderful characteristics of my daughter. I learned that it is absolutely fine (and more than fine) for her to be independent and stubborn and carefree. I learned that my daughter has this amazing heart with a deep, profound love for me. I didn't see it so clearly when she was three, but I see it very clearly today.

I watch my daughter each day and my eyes tear up with the enormous amount of love I feel for this child. She is amazing and a gift to me. She is stubborn, but I love that about her. She is ridiculously independent, but I love that about her. She is carefree and I need to let her be just that.


I would love to be her for a day so that I could be carefree again.