Hello, New Week!


Hello, first day of the new week.
With you, you bring:

- Count down to the end of school - - two weeks left!!!

- Stepping over all the "stuff" in my garage that didn't sell at my garage sale
- Reflections on a super-fun-scrapbook project in the works
- And getting bikes ready for the summer
- Pinching myself, because it is almost summer and we live in a FAB city! 
- Wondering if the swans will be back this summer
- Happy anticipation of a long weekend away swimming and eating and relaxing
- Hoping for a new laptop - - didn't sell enough of my crap at the garage sale (boo hoo)-
- Nap wishing. Why aren't they mandatory, daily?
- On the look out for a GOOD thrift store
- I will get my living and dining rooms back which currently holds recycling
- summer break means no more school recycling
- grilling - summer grilling oh and summer salads!!
- SUN - oh we had sun for two entire two days and it is shining today!
- swimming suits . . . hee hee, not for me, for thechildren!
- hubbie will be gone every other week the entire summer
- Admitting defeat on some projects, for now, just no time

Thoughts of projects and priorities and summer fun and plans and summer trips are whirling in my mind, now, too - Eeek! It's starting to feel like that time of the year, and I'm excited!

My Monday feels sort of strangely calm. But it's a fun, crazy time, here (as always?), and I wouldn't have it any other way. Here's to a busy-fun week!

What does the start of your new week bring?

Be sure to check out my giveaways on my giveaway page, I will have more this week as well.
Until then, have a happy one!