What's Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans?

Everyone has their own favorite pair of jeans! You know the ones .... The ones you've worn every week for two years. The ones that are buttery soft and have just the right cut and wear. But it's not always easy to find a perfect pair of jeans.


What brand and what style jeans are your favorite right now?
Mine RIGHT now are from Old Navy, Diva, skinny jeans, ultra-low cut, short.

I don't know what I will do when skinny jeans are no longer popular. These jeans are perhaps the most perfect pair of jeans for my body type or frame or whatever you want to call it.

I am short (just shy of 5'4"), short-waisted, thick thighs, flat ass (that's what having babies and old age does I guess?), and I now have a roll of scar tissue/fat(3 pregnanices~3 C-Sects) that sits above the nether region). I have tried on so many pairs of jeans that I cringe to even think of it now. I have purchased Lucky jeans, Seven jeans, Gap jean, A&B jeans. But, the problem with being short is that every stinking pair of jeans that I buy are too long Oh, and I have small feet too, 61/2, so boot-cut jean are OUT. They totally just engulf my feet and shoes. Some people like this look, but on short people like me, I'm sorry, I look like one big dork!

Love my Diva jeans right now. And yes, I wear them all summer long. I hate shorts. I am arse white and my thighs are a bit thicker than I like these days with pockets of fat! I have 4 pairs of these jeans and they are all I wear!

So people, fess up, What's you favorite pair of Jeans?