Open Air Market

I am off today to the local farmer's market.
I have never been to this particular one, I hope I have good luck.

I buy all organic fruits and vegtables, UNLESS I can't find what I am looking for.
On any shelf, if there is an option between an organic or a nonorganic. I will always
buy the organic. Perhaps this is why my gorcery bill is $800 a month (or more)!

Heck, we even have a cow butchered each year for organic beef. (Yes, the entire cow is mine!)
I have a baby lamb that is almost ready to be butchered here in the next couple of weeks.
My husband has been drooling for over a month for this batch of fresh lamb!
If you don't know, lamb is actually healthier than beef for you!
Isn't it better to eat endemic foods, in parallel with the seasons??
This is how I ate as a child. What do you think?
Anyway, I hope I find many blissful bags of orgasmic organics!

**Organic food contains fewer residues of pesticides used in conventional agriculture, so buying organic is one way to reduce the chances that your food contains these pesticides. Organic Foods and Recipes: • reduces the amount of toxic chemicals ingested; • totally avoids GMOs [genetically modified organisms]; • reduces the amount of food additives and colourings; • increases the amount of beneficial vitamins, minerals, EFAs [essential fatty acids] and antioxidants consumed; • appears to have the potential to lower the incidence of common conditions such as cancer, coronary heart disease, allergies and hyperactivity in children.