Friday Photos

Yesterday, while searching for momentous photos for my It's Real Life post, I came across this old photo in my senior year memory book. This is me, the cheerleader, 1986, my senior year of high school, Homecoming game.

I loved being a cheerleader. I was a cheerleader for six years, jr high and high school. I made the varsity squad when I was a sophmore. I ultimately had to quit cheering my senior year after football season because I was just too busy. Working too many jobs (one full time, one part time and various weekly babysitting committments) and taking care of my little brothers.

I was the compendium of a cheerleader as well. I was extremely friendly, I had loads of friends, I had a boyfriend on the varsity football team, I was cheerful, I was loud (but not obnoxious), I was (sort of) cute (I happen to think that high school was an ugly phase for me), I was popular, I was this, I was that, blah, blah, blah, AND blah!

I am NONE of those things today! I am not friendly in the least, I don't have loads of friends (I have a handful of great friends), my husband is not the preppie type at all, I am not cheerful or loud, oh, but I do still think I am (sort of) cute (I happen to think that having babies has killed any cute in me), I am not popular, I am not this or that , blah, blah, blah AND blah!

As I read through my senior year memory book, I was smiling at some of my handwritten comments, my little hearts by my boyfriend's name and the fact that I saved everything. EVERYTHING! I think now I was a dork, but today I am glad that I did have the forethought to save every little scrap of something or other. Silly girl I was!
I am sitting here thinking how stupid I was to think that all the things that would matter to me, absolutely don't. Have I evolved? Is this what happens 22 years after graduating high school? I speak to one person from my graduating class. Not even actually speak, we email a couple times a year. My best friend from high school. I loved her to pieces, she was a cheerleader with me (that's her on the end there or sitting with me up above). She lives in Texas now and I haven't seen her in over 15 years.
I haven't spoken to anyone else in my graduating class in over 20 years. I have never been to a class reunion and I don't think I ever will. I hated (with a passion) growing up in that small little rural town in Iowa. My entire life I felt out of place there.
I am happy where my life has taken me. I try to make it a point to always see the glass as half full!
Me - The Cheerleader!
**this picture is from cheerleading camp (yes, there are camps for cheerleaders)