What's Your BokeH?


I know this doesn't really qualify as a Bokeh shot--but I love it so. This is the expression my daughter has on her face almost all day long--she lives life to the fullest! I wish I knew her trick.

Process of Elimination

I think I have this right--I had to look up what a process of elimination shot would be just to make sure i was on the right track--I stood in front of a mirror and starting snapping--then moved to kneeling--then closed in closer and closer on my wrinkly old hands!


This well is from my grandmother's farm, which I used to play with and get schimpfed away from as a child.


The obligatory photo I force on my children each and every year. {I will do this when they are teenagers--I swear}

Flying High

This is my brother--doing his thing--the photo is not great at all--but it fits the title.