Summer Sunsets and Back To School

We have been back to school for three weeks now . . . but simply at home since we homeschool. My son attends a Classical Conversations coop once a week and here he receives his weekly assignments to complete at home. I also teach him subjects he does not have a CC.

My daughter attends the same type of coop, but for her grade level, once a week. However, all her subjects are taught by me. I dropped my daughter off at coop this morning and she was quite literally jumping up and down with joy for all the fun she is going to be having today. I was so happy for her.

My little one attends Kindergarten at home this year since the private school she was attending for the past two years suddenly closed a few weeks ago (so sad). I was sort of left in the lurch with school for this little one since the school waited so long to let all the parents know they were closing. Most other private schools in our areas were on waiting lists . . . so she is homeschooling with her brother and sister. I really did not want to home school her this year since this would really be my first full year of homeschooling two children . . . but we are muddling along AND this little one is working so very hard for me!

All three of my children attend another coop together once a week as well. This coop is the fun, enrichment coop. I teach here as well and we are making loads of new friends all around.

School, well, homeschool, has not been an easy transition for my son since he has only know private Christian schools for the past six years, but this week has been so much more stress-free for all of us, but more importantly for my son. I really want homeschooling to be a fun atmosphere for him, not something he dreads.

Our motto this year is . . .  Reflect, Be Salt, Be Iron . . .

Fate is a funny thing . . . it seems to all work out in the end.