What Are You Wearing

I almost forgot about What Are You Wearing Today! Shame on me! I quickly put some lipstick on and shot off a couple of photos.

This morning it was very windy here . . . right now the sun it shining . . . the forecast for later tonight is full of snow and rain. oh Joy! Can't wait for that!

I just want to say that I always feel like such a dork taking photos of myself . . . should I smile . . . not smile . . . I always look so serious . . . actually sometimes pissed off . . . but that is so not the case. I'm just worried that when I am out in public I have that pissed off look all the time? What the heck is that about? I'm getting too old I think. In one of those photos, I see my mom's face and that irks me to no end!

Anyway, today I have on a pair of jeans from Kohl's (jr section), a black T-shirt from H&M, a vintage-y shirt from H&M(jr section, am I ever going to stop shopping in the jr section . . . I don't think so . . . heehee), no socks, an old belt from Old Navy and these new shoes I found at Target for $15! I love them and went back and bought another pair in a different color. I want another pair of black ones, but of course, they were all gone. These will be worn all summer, I can tell already! My hair is up and my bangs are r-e-a-l-l-y long right now . . . I know thisbecause my husband actually said something . . . and for him to notice anything on me is a miracle! Oh he also pointed out that whatever the dermatologist is giving me is not working. Thanks hon, appreciate that! And, as always, my regular jewelary, so boring, but I did pop in a pair of hoop earrings today!So, ladies, What Are YOU Wearing? Tell me, tell me!