I deleted my facebook acount


Facebook is a funny application I think . . . I started my personal account back in 2006 to keep in contact with all my international gal pals. I only had a few friends for a couple of years . . . then a neighbor found me . . . then some people from church found me. I was okay being a 'friend' to my neighbor and fellow church buds.

Then in the past 6-9 months, my friend request exploded! I had one request from a friend that I had not spoken to since jr high and I accepted. It was nice to touch base with her . . . although she kept asking to come and visit me . . . which struck me as odd since I had not seen or heard from her in OVER 25 years! (I had tried on several occasions in high school to contact her and never received any correspondence back from her).


Next another girl from high school contacted me and said are you so-and-so-from-here. I accepted and sent her a lovely internal note and N-O-T-H-I-N-G! HUGH?? Why do you want to be my friend if you do not answer my internal facebook email?

Then a couple of real life friends got on the Facebook bandwagon and we became friends and that was lovely because we actually stay in contact more than we did prior our Facebook friendship.

I setup a Tiaras & Tantrums facebook profile(Teresa Tantrums) next and am having so much fun with this profile!

Next an ex-boyfriend sent me a request on my personal account, he then went on to recount every detail of our first meeting back to me, none of which I recall ( I look so much better then he does thankfully). Some more old high school classmates requested me, then a couple of more high school classmates, then some old friends who I had lost contact with, then all the little girls I used to babysit sent me requests, then someone I had dated casually, then my nephews(who frankly I want to block for their content), then more old high school buddies and then even an old neighbor who had moved away in grade school.

I was getting little notes here and there and updates and emails and internal emails and chat sessions. I was up over 80 friends and most of them were people I had not been in contact with in over half my life time. It was fun and exciting in the beginning, but started to be a thorn in my side. I was logging on to Facebook to check up on everyone's status . . . the same people that I have not had any contact with in over 20 years.

My brother wanted me to start a profile for him and my husband wanted me to setup a profile for him. I was now monitoring my personal profile, my blog name profile, my brother's profile and my husband's profile. My husband's brother and SIL sent requests to him but not to me, which shouldn't bother me but it did.

Then I received an internal email from an old high school buddy that I had fond memories of . . . she let me know where her life is today and I let her know mine as well . . . she then replied that she couldn't believe that I was ever a Financial Analyst and she never would have seen me as making a good living. WTF? I was shocked! And I was hurt! I would NEVER say that to a good friend let alone someone I had not spoken with in such a long time. And especially someone who was so very nice to me in high school when everyone else was not! So I sent her a very nice reply stating something to the effect that living in a small town did not do me any favors and I was glad to be out of an area where people were small minded. I didn't hear from her again. I think she got the hint . . . but I doubt it. The craziest part of this is that SHE is now a lesbian (and has been for 14 years) and hides it from her parents and she is a H-U-G-E. It was clearly an attempt to make herself appear higher or better. Whatever.

Then an old friend de-friended me. What!? Then other friends de-friended me and I couldn't remember who they were and it was bothering me and it shouldn't have! I found out from the sister (who was also on my friend list) why the old friend de-friended. Oh the silliness and reasoning. (she does not get along with her mother and I do) Are you kidding me?

The final straw for me was a friend request from a man, once a boy who lived up the street from me as a child, who tortured me daily with words and actions . . . and I mean tortured. The minute I saw his name I freaked out. How dare he? How could he? What the hell did he want to be my friend for? To torture me as an adult?

That was it.
I deleted my personal Facebook Account.
I did!
Then I sent an email to all my close personal friends that I deleted my facebook account.
I received a lovely email from a dear friend who told me to just delete all the unsavory and don't accept requests if I don't want to be a friend. I did feel obligated to accept every friend request I received. I no longer feel that way.
I reactivated my account and de-friended almost every single one of my "friends". I now have 9 friends which is where I was about 6-9 months ago before the big surge and I plan on keeping it that way. Oh, and I changed my name to my husband's last name to not be found.

But all my bloggy facebook friends I love and adore and you don't overwhelm me!
I wonder why that is?