Things I'll Never Be Able To Do Again

I have had this sitting in my drafts for quite some time now . . . trying to think up a list for these moments in my life . . . of things I will never be able to do again. I saw this awhile back (great blog by the way) and I theft-ed the idea. I think if I really sat and thought hard I would likely come up with hundreds of entries, but here is the short version.

Things I'll Never Be Able To Do Again

1. Hear my father's voice

2. Cook with my grandmother

3. Win a swimming race (I used to be really fast)

4. Stay out all night

5. Worry about getting my period for the very first time

6. Bring my first born child home for the first time

7. Be a virgin

8. Accept a proposal of marriage

9. Weigh 100 pounds

10. Eat tons of junk food and not get sick

11. Ride a dirt bike without being frightened

12. Barrel race horses

13. Do the splits

14. Get married

15. Not worry about every single little detail

16. Pluck a chicken (this I don't mind)

17. Ride my bike 50 miles in a couple of hours

18. Have the first kiss with my husband

19. Hear my husband tell me for the very first time "I Love You"

20. Conceive a child (this is the most heartbreaking one for me)

So, do you have a list . . . let me hear some of your "Things". If you write a post, let me know and I will link back to you.