Update on Tattoo Removal

Against The Light


 . . . caught at the park at dusk . . .

Frame Within A Frame


These huge tractor tires are buried at a local park and my kids love nothing better than to hide in there.

Best Part of My Day


Stealing a hug and a snuggle from one or all of my children . . . brings sunshine right into my day!



Candy buttons . . . . pure sugar . . . my kids love these little buttons . . . I simply detest these . . .



I have a tattoo on my back . . . I was "Ink"ed almost 20 years ago . . . I pretty much hated almost as soon as I had needles stuck in my back. But since no one could see the tattoo(including me), it really wasn't a priority to get rid of it. Until this past year when I couldn't take it any longer, catching glimpses in the mirror here and there.  I have been going to a laser specialist for the past year to have the mistake removed. I have a laser beamed onto my back that directs energy into the ink which breaks the ink into smaller and smaller particles. I have had 10 extremely painful sessions spread out over the past year and a half (going every 4-8 weeks depending on healing time) and the results are on the right hand side (the left hand side is the before). I have another year to go states my dermatologist.

I'm really wishing I had never INKed myself!