Beautiful Eyes


Rectus what? That was my comment to a specialist a number of months ago. Actually quite a number of months ago. I had taken my little one to see a specialist because I had noticed that one of her eyes would turn outward a bit when she was really tired or just staring off at something in the distance.

She confirmed what I had really known for years. My little one did indeed have issues with her eye. But what I didn't know was that she had issues with both eyes. She had Exotropia. Her eyes deviated outward. Her right eye, the one that I noticed, had a 35% deviation! Her left was slightly less than that. I felt so bad for my little one!

The good news was that this was completely curable! And further good news was that her vision was perfect! But, we needed to progress with treatment or her eyes could deteriorate and the disorder could progress . . . she could start to use her right eye less and less and her brain would stop recognizing anything the right eye would see. All that I could do was sit and nod and be very brave for my little one when all I wanted to do was hold her tightly and keep her safe from what I knew was coming.


She recommended surgery and I agreed with her. I wanted her eyes corrected. We scheduled the surgery, Bilateral Lateral Rectus Recession.

She had quite a bit of pain throughout the day of her surgery and throughout the next day. Her eyes were really red where the incisions were. But she was a champ! My little one was so very brave throughout the entire process! I am so proud of her!

The day after her surgery.

I think she looks beautiful . . .  with beautiful eyes!