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Beautiful Black & White
Every so often, I happen to capture my daughter's face in such a peaceful expression. This happens to be one of those instances. Which is quite odd considering she was so intent on getting as much gold as she possibly could. You can't see from the photo, but she is simply soaked through and through from constantly dumping her pan of rocks and gold down the front of herself. I love this photo from her windblown hair to her soaked shirt and most especially, from her beautiful face.
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Hugs & Kisses
I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I'll say it again anyway. When I had my first daughter, I knew I wanted another girl. I always knew I wanted more than two children (God willing) and I would be thankful for whatever I was blessed with. But when my daughter was born, I really wanted another girl . . . for her. I wanted to ensure that no matter what, she would always have a friend . . . her sister. Boys grow up to be men and men make friends whereever they go. But we girls, when we grow up, we need a sister, a forever friend no matter what city we are in. Sisters, best friends . . .  this is what I wanted. I am doubly blessed to have two amazing, beautiful, sweet girls that just happen to be best friends. I will always be around to make sure it stays that way too. It helps that they love each other so very much.
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Learning To Read By The Book
This little one of mine is beginning to read. I'm happy to say that I taught her. I didn't want to home school this one this year. I wanted her to go to Kindergarten, but her school closed a couple of weeks prior to school starting in August. The Lord was telling me something for sure. I am home schooling her and she is a fabulous student for me. She works so hard. In August she didn't even know the entire alphabet. Now, she is reading. Reading! I taught her to read. I didn't think I would be able to (not enough confidence being a new home school mom and all), but reading she is. She loves to read. She is so proud of herself. Another task that has happened along this reading path is writing. I get the most delicious little notes from my little baby now. They are adorable! I am keeping them in a folder and saving them for a rainy day. I know I will be crying over them in 10 years.
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Best Face Photo from 2011

I have been suffering with a vicious cold this past week and have been miserable. Literally, I don't think it is possible to sneeze one.more.time. I'm finally feeling better tonight and have been sifting through my 2011 photos looking for my best face.

Naturally, I pick my little one. I do not know why I do this. She seems to be the most photogenic of my children. This photo is from October 2011 while we were apple picking. She was gazing off in the distance and I got lucky with the little bubble in her mouth.

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Black in The Bean

Hosted at I Faces ~ Black

So, we have spent the last few days in the city exploring the magnificent mile and parks showcasing Chicago to my brother and his family, who happen to live in rural Iowa.

We went to "the bean"(aka Cloud Gate) as my children always call it and the sun was shining brightly on this particularly clear day which enabled me to capture some really fantastic shots of the amazing city skyline . . . and well, myself and my children. I really wanted to lay down under the bean and snap off a couple of myself . . . BUT . . . I also didn't want to look like a big dork . . . so I told my duaghter to lay under there instead.

Which turned out to be way more fun. I really love my city!

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Tickled Pink

Hosted at I Faces ~ Tickled Pink

When I was growing up, pink was not a very popular color. My bedroom was white with spots of red and blue, but mostly just white. White furniture, white sheets, white duvet, white curtains . . . white, white white. It was very boring and all I ever wanted was to have a pink bedroom.

When I found out I was pregnant with a girl {the first time}, I knew without a doubt I would be painting my soon to be baby daughter's room pink. Pink everywhere, in fact! I found the most perfect shade of pink to match the most perfect pink toile fabric that matched the most perfect pink rug and so on and so forth. My daughter's room is lush with pink. (sometimes I sneak in to watch her and smile because I know she is having happy dreams in there).

When I found out I was pregnant again with yet another girl, I couldn't believe my luck that I would get to decorate another room fully in pink. Which, naturally, I did. This time I chose two exquisite shades of pink that complimented each other beautifully. I found the most beautiful, lush, pink chiffon fabric for the curtains and bedspread and rug and so on and so forth.

Pink, pink, pink wherever you look  in my daughter's rooms. I love it! I love having two daughters. I love having two little girls whose closets I can fill with the most adorable pink outfits. I can't imagine being surrounded by any other color right now.

I know this is not the greatest photo since there is a shadow in my little one's face . . . but I love this snapshot because it clearly shows the delicate nature of my wee girl . . . her gentle touch to the pretty wildflowers is exactly how she approaches her life day to day . . . she was standing still looking at her pretty wildflowers, gently holding them while off  in the next frame was her spirited sister climbing trees and shouting from the treetops . . . and her brilliant brother looking for life adventures on the other side of her . . . while she . . . my beautiful baby . . . stood patiently beside me . . . my little pink poppet . . . who tickles me pink.

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Raise Your Hands!

Hosted at I Faces ~ Raise Your Hands!

A couple of weekends ago we took the children to a local apple orchard for our yearly pick of the crop {and our yearly tummy ache from eating way too many apples while filling up our baskets}. The apple orchard we visit is quite fabulous and the children look forward to going every single year. They ask me every few months to go apple picking and I have to remind them, apples are not in season.

This year we had a gorgeous day to pick apples and wander about corn mazes, jump on the moon pillow, pet some animals, ride a cow train, race some ducks and climb on some huge rolls of hay stacks.

My daughter jumped right up on the huge hay stack {without any help} and starting shouting "I'm the king of the hill" throwing her hands up in the air . . . I wanted to shout out "you're the queen, my dear", but I didn't want to miss any of the great shots I knew were occurring. She picked up a handful of hay and tossed it over her head and I was able to really gets some great 'unprompted' 'Raise Your Hands' shots! SO many that I couldn't decide what were the best shots. I have been sitting her for a little over an hour just staring back and forth . . . 'is this the best, yes this is the one, well, no, maybe this one, oh, I like this one so much though' . . . I really couldn't decide . . . but the one I chose is the photo that most showcases the moment and my daughter's zest for life!

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Back To School

Hosted at I Faces ~ Back To School

Back to School this school year means something entirely different to this little girl. We found out two weeks before school was to begin that her private Christian school was closing {due to low enrollment}. It made me so sad to think of the great teachers who were now out of a job and the fabulous director who did everything she could to keep the doors open. I was misty eyed thinking of all the times I came to pick my little one up from school over the past two years and how happy she was there.

When I told my wee one her school was closing and she would not be attending Kindergarten there, she was heartbroken and literally starting sobbing and I could barely consol her. In the end I was able to comfort her in the fact she would now be homeschooling with momma and her sister and brother.

She was very excited for this next phase of school, even though I was secretly very apprehensive that I would be able to teach three children at three different grade levels. She was very scared when I told her she would be attending homeschool coop like her siblings, but quickly brightened up once her sister told her how much fun she would have there with the Art instructor {she is spectacular!}.

After three full weeks of homechooling my little Kindergartner, I have to say she is such a hard working student and so very eager to learn. She happily and greedily completes all her work and tasks and firmly states "I'm done, I'm ready for my next paper Momma."

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Hosted at I Faces ~ White

 . . . we had dropped off my son to youth group and the girls wanted to play at the park . . . it was a beautiful early evening . . . we explored the park . . . the cemetery . . . the grove . . . all while waiting for my son . . . the time passed by so quickly we didn't even realize it . . . it was such a lovely, special time with my girls . . . I was so happy I had my camera with me . .

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Beautiful Eyes

Hosted at I Faces ~ Beautiful Eyes

Rectus what? That was my comment to a specialist a number of months ago. Actually quite a number of months ago. I had taken my little one to see a specialist because I had noticed that one of her eyes would turn outward a bit when she was really tired or just staring off at something in the distance.

She confirmed what I had really known for years. My little one did indeed have issues with her eye. But what I didn't know was that she had issues with both eyes. She had Exotropia. Her eyes deviated outward. Her right eye, the one that I noticed, had a 35% deviation! Her left was slightly less than that. I felt so bad for my little one!

The good news was that this was completely curable! And further good news was that her vision was perfect! But, we needed to progress with treatment or her eyes could deteriorate and the disorder could progress . . . she could start to use her right eye less and less and her brain would stop recognizing anything the right eye would see. All that I could do was sit and nod and be very brave for my little one when all I wanted to do was hold her tightly and keep her safe from what I knew was coming.


She recommended surgery and I agreed with her. I wanted her eyes corrected. We scheduled the surgery, Bilateral Lateral Rectus Recession.

She had quite a bit of pain throughout the day of her surgery and throughout the next day. Her eyes were really red where the incisions were. But she was a champ! My little one was so very brave throughout the entire process! I am so proud of her!

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Hosted at I Faces ~ Friendships

In life sisters (and brothers) play a pivotal role molding each other's character.  Siblings have their side roles to play. They grow silently but strongly. Sometimes the relationship is lost in the maze of life's journey. Yet nothing can break the bond of relationship among siblings.

When sisters grow up there can be annoying interferences, looking critically at each other, tossing words about. Still you know that should a catastrophe strike, your sister's tender hands will protect you.

I never had a sister growing up . . . I was surrounded by boys (three brothers). I so longed for a sister . . . to giggle with, to share secrets with, to box my brothers with. I grew up alone, lonely in a house of boys.

When my first daughter was born, I knew immedidatley that I wanted another daughter  . . . I wanted a sister for my daughter . . .  I didn't want her to be alone like I was . . . like I still am today. We tried for many years and finally I was able to carry another baby and thankfully she was a baby girl.

A sister for each of my daughters . . .

A sister's bond should never be broken, the bond is a lasting friendship. I hope for my daughters a bond that precedes and outlasts other friendships, courtships, even marriages. I hope turbulent waves might never separate these sisters and if that does occur their minds can hear their soft voices, their footsteps, their silent laughs, and visualize the tears of parting.

Sisters annoy . . .  interfere . . .  criticize . . . Indulge in monumental sulks . . . in huffs . . .  in snide remarks . . . I can't wait for the borrowing, breaking and monopolizing of  the bathroom.  I can't wait for their friendship to grow and bloom.

Sisters are there. Defending you against all covers.

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Hosted at I Faces ~ Water

My daughter is swimming in a lake I used to swim in as a child . . . I used to LOVE to go to this lake and swim for hours as a child . . . later in my teen years . . . my friends and I used to float on rafts, slather ourselves in baby oil and fry our skins a bloody red . . . I was so overjoyed to have the opportunity to take my children to this lake a couple of weeks ago and relive some childhood memories with them . . . but this time I wouldn't even set a toe in the slimy, green water (frankly, I can't believe I let my kids swim in this lake it was so disgusting) . . . they had a blast . . . until they peeled their swimming suits and discovered they were covered in green slime . . .

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Props In Photography
There's this bridge in Iowa that I used to look at when I was a child . . . it was down the dirt road from my grandmother's house . . . I wasn't allowed to go to this bridge by myself, so I rarely saw it unless after begging my father he would take a quick ride down there for me. It wasn't often. I forgot about this bridge until a couple of weeks ago. I visited my grandmother's farm, now my aunt's farm and went down to that old bridge with my brother and our families. We took tons of photos of the bridge and the railroad tracks. The children had so much fun discovering old animals bones on the railroad tracks and collecting rusted railroad nails and such. It was a great hour and I now have fabulous memories saved in the hundreds of photos that I took standing on those old railroad tracks that I used to long to walk on as a child.
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A Touch of Whimsy
I couldn't decide what to use for a touch of whimsy . . . as I was looking through my photos of my children I recalled a photo I snapped off of my husband and had a bit of an ahah moment! My husband, Mr. Stoic, usually is not the silly one. But we were setting up for my daughter's birthday  party a couple of weeks ago and she was not having a good time with everything. Dear hubbie was attempting to get her in a better mood for her guests that were to arrive at any moment.
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