Traveling With Kids: It really is THAT easy!

Had I know it was this easy, I would have done it before.  A mother of two from Chicago admitted to me as we were watching our kiddos play on the beach in Florida. A mother of three children from Ohio admitted, we might not ever get the chance to do this again, that is why we travel every couple of years. Our conversation continued later.

It is! It really is this easy, I said as I observed my children splashing around in the pool. This is our fourth vacation with the kids. It's so easy to travel this way. And much cheaper then a trip to a theme park, I joined in on the conversation.

Traveling With Kids: It really is THAT easy!

It really is. Traveling with children is easy especially when you book an online hotel vacation. Which, in the end, turns out to be cheaper for our family of five to afford then a trip to a theme park.

Non-stop flights are so easy to find whether traveling to Florida or New York. (be sure to pack lots of treats and coloring books for your plane trip). Hotels in New York are easy to locate and perhaps we can soon join my husband on one of his many business trips out east.  International travel is not always easy with three little ones along, but my children are used to traveling as we have traveled the globe already. Our next big adventure will begin at various hotels in Paris. 

Traveling With Kids: It really is THAT easy!

We always keep the kids on schedule when we travel for it makes for happy well adjusted children. However, we always want to see everything. We book hotels abroad that are centrally located and have easy access to public transportation. Never book trips through your hotel as you are charged 50% more. 

That is all my friends. A vacation, as simple as that.

Traveling now is cheap(er), there are so many good deals around. And traveling is so easy with children. When I asked fellow travelers why they were vacationing in this bad economy they mostly admitted, Because we can right now. Who knows where we will be one year from now? I smiled knowing that I was totally surrounded by my kind of people. Who knows what might happen in a year I thought out loud.